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01-15-02, 11:01 PM
My neice needs a mircle and God's intervention. She is 10 years old and has been kicked out of public school. She has been put in a school for kids with problems where she also has been kicked out of and put in social services hands. She has been institutionalized a few weeks ago and is back in again. She has been on drugs for over half her life. She has been diagnosed with every thing from ADD to Personality disorder to Manic. I just would like for you all to pray that God will give someone enough wisdom to take this child off of these drugs that control her mind for years on end. I believe that everytime she has a new diagnosis and new medication that it is just screwing with her mind that much more. I just want this poor child to be covered with God's hand. Jesus is the ultimate physician and I just want him to do His work. Pray that these dr.'s would have the wisdom of God and take her off the med's under a controlled enviroment so her head can clear. And they can see who she REALLY is. Thank you for any prayers you could put up for her, By the way her name is Camille! Thank you all and God Bless You!

01-16-02, 07:29 PM
Yes, and AMEN. Lord, YOU can make the difference. You can set this captive free. Victory is YOURS Lord and we ask You to get this child OUT of the clutches of sin and death and into Your realm of life and redemption! Touch this entire family with Your Word, Your salvation, Your healing and Your wholeness! in Jesus' name.

01-16-02, 11:49 PM
:angel: Yes Lord: We do step into the Gap and ask for Total Healing for this wee girl. Rebuke the devil out of this family. Right now I annoint this computer with oil which is symbolic of the Comforter, The great Holy Spirit. Father pour Dunamis Power of this family situation that this child will have complete healing. We hurt when someone this small is hurting so badly. Lord Jesus we ask in your Holy Name for the Peace that passes all understanding for all in this family. Bless the Medical people as they are ministering to this baby child. Agape. Grandpa.:)

01-17-02, 04:12 AM
Father, I uplift Camille tonite knowing that You know her problems and her cares. Father, I know You know exactly what's going on there and so I know that there's some way to break this off. Jesus, I pray that You would wrap Your arms around her and calm her down until that energy can be channeled into Your Glory, O Lord. I know that high energy and such is a gift, Lord, but such must be used correctly or else it is worthless. Father, I pray that this little girl would be touched somehow that she would come about and see all that You ahve planned for her, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


01-17-02, 09:09 AM
Every prayer I have come into agreement with. The word says that when 2 or more agree on earth it will be done by our Father in heaven. I come into agreement with every word brought forth and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I can't wait to post in the praise report!! God Bless you all:angel:

01-17-02, 08:28 PM
:smash: :smash: Hello-Hello! Keep us posted about this wee child. Do not just go away. We care.
Agape. Grandpa.:) :D :biggrin: