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01-15-02, 06:22 PM
please please pray for my brother in law. his dad has died today completely unexpectedly, and was not to my knowledge a Christian. my brother in law and my sister are not Christians either, and are having a tough time with other things aswell.

please pray that he is comforted in his grief, and that together, they're marriage is strengthened as they lean on each other for support.

my biggest request for your prayers for them though, is that they would come to know God Almighty through this horrible time, and know that He gives purpose and guidence, and that they can have so much more than they think.


01-15-02, 08:57 PM
:angel: Father, It is a heart breaker when someone passes on who's salvation is unsure. We ask in Jesus Name for Salvation for these two people. Fill them with Your Holy Spirit of Conviction, that they will want to think of Jesus. Bless this person who has ask for prayer. Bless the intercessors who are concerned. Agape. Grandpa.

01-16-02, 06:23 PM
Amen! Lord, I stand in agreement with my brothers. Use this situation to draw the lost to Calvary to seek Your presence in their lives. Open their hearts to receive You so that You can share Your comfort and strength with them! in Jesus' name.

01-17-02, 03:00 AM
you got it, B