View Full Version : Help me find the name of a song.....

01-15-02, 07:05 PM
Hey people. I was just listening to Christian Pirate Radio "Celebration", and I heard a song that I had not heard since I was in Youth. Since the dont have a DJ on this part of the station, They did not announce the name of the song. It was given a rock & roll sound almost, and it sounded alot like the Violet Burning, but with all the new Worship that is out I simply dont know. But here are some of the words I picked up...

...And we shall live forever, Higher and Higher, and we shall live Forever, Higher and Higher.

This is the only part I can recall as the Chorus is Real catchy. I cant remember the rest. Anyway, any help finding out who sings this recent rendition and the name of the song would be helpfull.

Thanks in advance!