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I'm really just procrastinating from some English reading I need to get done, but I did want to share this story with ya'll! :)

I'm reading Jim Cymbala's book, Fresh Power. (His books are great by the way if you haven't read them.) Anyway, he tells a story in there about a missionary couple named David and Svea Flood. It's an amazing story, I was going to type it out from you, but then I realized it was really long, so - I found an article (http://www.otherside.net/aggie.htm) on the web about it. Cymbala has a little more detail in his version of the story, but it's basically the same. Here it is!

Back in 1921 two couples from Sweden felt called of God to go to Africa as missionaries. David and Svea Flood and Joel and Bertha Erickson left all to go to what was then called the Belgian Congo, now Zaire.

The Floods had a two year old son that they carried on their backs over 100 miles into the jungle. They literally hacked their way through with machetes.

When they finally reached a village the people would not let them enter. They said that if they allowed any white people to enter their village their gods would be offended. They were rejected by every village they tried to enter and ended up building mud huts isolated alone in the jungle away from any villages.

Sickness, malnutrition, and loneliness set in. They never were able to interact with any villagers except one little boy. The Ericksons decided to go back to the mission station and tried to get the Floods to do the same, but Svea was now pregnant and couldn't travel. She also had malaria.

Svea, who had been a popular singer back home in Sweden, died in the jungle at age 27 giving birth to a baby daughter that she named Aina with her dying breath.

The only real human contact the Floods had besides their own family, after the Ericksons left, was one little boy from a near-by village. He would come and bring them fruit and listen to Svea tell him about God as she suffered with a fever with malaria and her pregnancy.

David Flood got mad at God as he buried his wife in the jungle. He headed back to the mission station and left the new baby girl, Aina, with the Ericksons. He went back to Sweden, became a drunk, and remained bitter and angry at God for many years. He never bothered to check up on little Aina and she grew up in the Belgian Congo with an American missionary couple, Arthur and Anna Berg, because the Ericksons also both died shortly after Svea Flood.

The Bergs renamed Aina "Aggie." Aggie spent much of her childhood alone and often played imagination games. She pretended she had four brothers and a sister and would set a table for them and would pretend she was talking to them. She pretended her sister was looking for her.

The Bergs went on furlough to America and they took Aggie with them. They stayed in the United States and Aggie grew up to marry Dewey Hurst, who became president of Northwestern Bible College in Seattle, Washington.

Aggie found out her father had remarried Svea's sister who had no heart for God at all. They had 3 boys and a girl plus little David Jr. Aggie really did have the four brothers and a sister that she had always dreamed about as a child and she wanted to find them. The Bible college sent the Hursts back to Sweden in hopes Aggie could find her father, brothers, and sister.

David Wilkerson writes, "After crossing the Atlantic, the couple spent a day's layover in London. They decided to take a walk, so they strolled by the Royal Albert Hall. To their joy, a Pentecostal Assemblies of God missions convention was being held. They went inside, where they heard a black preacher testifying of the great works God was doing in Zaire - the Belgian Congo!"

The young preacher turned out to be none other than the little boy that Aggie's mother had witnessed to back in the Belgian Congo jungle! He had accepted Christ as his savior and become a missionary to his own people, which now included 110,000 Christians, 32 mission stations, several Bible schools and a 120-bed hospital!

Aggie did find her father, four brothers, and her sister. All of them were extremely bitter and angry at God and had little use for each other. They all hated their father.

When Aggie found her sister she told her, "All my life I've dreamed about you. I used to spread out a map of the world, put a toy car on it, and pretend to drive everywhere to find you." Aggie's sister had no use for her father and hadn't spoken to him in years either, but she agreed to help Aggie find him. When she did she saw a broken man living in a tenement. He had had a stroke, his eyes were covered with cataracts, and he was an alcoholic.

Aggie told her father how God had taken care of her and when she mentioned God he became enraged. He was still bitter after all those years until Aggie told him about meeting the little boy Svea had witnessed to back in the jungle at a missions convention there in London. When she told him how God had used that little boy to lead so many of his nation to Christ, David Flood broke down and cried and poured out all his bitterness to God.

David Flood asked God's forgiveness then and there and died a Christian a short time later at the age of 73.

That's just amazing to me! God still works even when we give up and turn our back on Him. He's bigger than us and our screw-ups! Good to know - 'cause I screw up a lot!

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ok, now I'm off to actually work on my homework - I should have typed that all out now that I think of it - It would have taken up more time! :D

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that is an awesome story:)

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I had forgotten it and my reaction to rereading is the same as it apparently was to first reading.