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01-14-02, 02:58 AM
Father please be with Marilyn and bless her in her work and in the other parts of her life too. PLease give her strength and wisdom as she goes about her day and help her know what comes from You and what the enemy may be trying to dump off that needs to be stomped return to sender unwanted. Especially please help her in these situations at work. Please keep her in YOur peace and give her joy in Jesus no matter what is happening around her. Thank You again for all of Your love and grace that You have put in her. Please bless Dave and all her family too. Thank You.

01-14-02, 08:59 PM
:angel: Father-God: Job Stress is a hurting thing. We all ask in Jesus Name that some way this malady may be eliminated. Bless these management people with Holy Spirit wisdom to see goodness in all. Give Marilyn the Peace that passes all understanding. Agape. Grandpa.

01-14-02, 10:11 PM
Praise Him for His faithfulness!

Father, I lift up my boss to You tonight. Help him to seek Your presence in his life. The stress on him is terriffic as he struggles to maintain his position in a very "political" situation. Help me to remember that, while he may know You as Lord and Savior, he relies on himself and what he can do and how much he can do to be successful. Help him to see that without YOU as the crux of our daily lives, we end up tossed to and fro and downright miserable! Tell him Lord! Show him the path to the foot of the cross and help him lay down his burdens for You to carry! in Jesus' name.

Thanks for the prayers! What would we do without each other?!! Being part of His family is the BEST!!!