View Full Version : President Bush

01-14-02, 01:54 AM
Father I don't know what caused our president to faint today but You do. Please take care of him and keep him safe and well. Please give him your great wisdom not just in how to run this country and deal with what is happening in the world but how to take care of himself too. Please also show him in Your word the reality of healing and health.

Please be with his wife too, you know how we are when something happens with our husbands. Please give her wisdom also and Your peace that passes understanding. Help her know when to smile and go along with things and when to firmly take his hand and say you need to rest and when to say there's something that needs to be done or checked on to keep my husband well. Guide her as she prayes for him and for those around him, please and help her always know that You are with her. Thank You.

01-14-02, 08:12 PM
:angel: Father, In these undertain times, We need leaders with Holy Spirit Wisdom. Bless our President and His staff with Dunamis Power. Give the wisdom needed to make decisions that will keep people alive. Father, Grant that this mess will be brought to a close soon. Even so come Lord Jesus.

01-14-02, 09:06 PM
Lord I stand in agreement, believing for Your strength, Your protection and Your abundant provision for this man who is leading our country through these uncertain times. Continue to use the current state of world affairs to reach out to the lost and let them know that You are REAL! in Jesus' name.