View Full Version : Coffee and Snow in Buffalo . . .

01-13-02, 01:39 PM
I called a friend of mine who lives up in Buffalo, NY yesterday just to check and see how things were with him and his family.

He was telling me about all the snow they have up there in them thar parts.

Seems they had some 7 foot of snow fall up there in the past few weeks.

He was complaining about all the snow and all the problems it caused up there.

He said there is snow everywhere and there is no place to put anymore of the white stuff.

And yet only about 90 miles away in Rochester NY they have no snow.

No snow in Rochester and they were to have some big winter festival up there.

So the people of Rochester went to Buffalo and borrowed some of their snow for their winter festival.

Pretty funny to think about all those people in Buffalo complaining about all that snow and then to hear about the people in Rochester wanting to borrow some of it.

Well, after a nice long visit over the phone I finally said goodbye and told him to keep in touch.

I then poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and sat near the fireplace thinking about our conversation.

I thought about my friend up in Buffalo and how he felt that having all that snow was such a burden . . .

And then I thought about all those people in Rochester who thought that snow would have been a blessing considering they had that winter festival coming up.

Then I thought about how maybe sometimes we should look at what we consider to be our burdens . . .

And try to find the hidden blessings in those burdens.

Just a thought!