View Full Version : PLEASE PRAY FOR my family!!

01-13-02, 03:05 AM
There is a Evil SPIRIT OF FEAR IN MY family!!
Please pray.... I plead the blood of Jesus over my family in Jesus name. Amen....
can you anoint MY family with oil!!


01-13-02, 07:25 AM
Lord we bind the powers of darkness that hover over this family and loose Your Spirit to bring them into Your realm of peace and joy. Continue to reach out to them and draw them to Your Word and Your love. Continue to bless David with Your strength and guidance that he may always be their beacon of Your light in their lives! in Jesus' name.

01-14-02, 02:08 AM
there is alot of Evil Ministering Angels + Demons From Satan!!
IN MY family.....

01-14-02, 02:49 AM
Father please help this one who posts with so much fear to turn their eyes to YOU and to what Christ did for them on the cross. Help them to see and to believe that He accomplished everything they need. Please help them to stop looking for all the bad things and look at Jesus Christ and let Him fill their mind and heart and be the one they think and talk about. Please teach them the strength there is in praising You and giving You first place in everything. Please help them to read and understand your word and let it rule their life. Please lead them to a strong local church that knows the full delivering and keeping power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Thank You.

01-14-02, 08:57 PM
:angel: Father, We ask in Jesus Name that You rebuke the devil and his minions out of this family. We ask for healing, Salvation, and Sanctification for all involved. Fill all with your Holy Spirit of wisdom, insight, and Understanding. Give comfort and ease. Help all to see Jesus and Him Lord and King forever. Give a special Blessing to this person who is interceeding for his family. Agape. Grandpa.

01-14-02, 09:04 PM
:) My Dear Friend. I forget too much. You want anointing with Oil?? It is done. Before I started, I anointed the CPU-The Keyboard-And the Screen.
Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Agape. Grandpa. :) :D :biggrin:

01-16-02, 01:23 AM
MY family needs some help keeping God #1 in my life! Please pray for this.

01-16-02, 01:45 AM
Father, I lift up all those who are involved, Father, that Your blessings and peace would flow over them. Thank You so much for all the wondrous things You have done, in Jesus' Name, Amen.


01-19-02, 06:17 PM
Ask God what to pray about!! thanks
We need Healing!!
Because I been in a church that became a colt!

please pray....Dear Holy Lord, Thank you that you love and protect us and are always there for us. Lord, please protect my family's spirit from any wrong teaching he may have received at his church. Renew them and help them discern false teachings. Thank you for opening his eyes, Merciful Lord. Lord please lead them to the church where you want them to go to worship and serve you. Lord, please heal my family from any harm he suffered and guide them in restoring a right relationship with you. Lord, please hold my family close to you and bless them with your comfort, love, peace, and joy. Thank you Gracious Lord. In the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen.

01-20-02, 09:59 AM
Amen and Amen!

01-21-02, 02:25 PM
MY family NEEDs HEALING.....

01-31-02, 01:31 AM
please keep praying for my mom and dad!!

01-31-02, 05:00 PM
:angel: Father, I sense that there is a n evil spirit of fear in and around this family. Rebuke the devil out of this family. Fill all with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all. Bless them Lord Jesus. Agape. Grandpa.

02-01-02, 09:19 PM
Please pray for .....
- my Dad
- my Mom

02-02-02, 09:27 AM
Father continue to shower this family with Your Truth and Your redemption. Continue to send Your love and peace to flow into David's heart. Continue to draw him deeply into Your Word so he'll understand what You are doing for him. Help him to feel calm and assured that You have heard his prayers for his family and are answering them. Bless him with Your wisdom and guidance and bring this family together with You as their head and heart! in Jesus' name.

02-02-02, 05:34 PM
Dear Lord - We know you love this family that so desperately needs protection and healing. Please continue to be with our friend's Mom and Dad, giving them discernment, wisdom, guidance, healing, and peace. We ask that you bless our friend who is so honest and persistant and give our friend strength and wisdom to continue to help Mom and Dad. Thank you, Lord, for our friend's faith and loving spirit. We know that evil cannot lurk where Your Spirit dwells, Lord, and we ask that the Spirit move these folks in the direction You would want. We ask these things in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

02-05-02, 01:08 PM
I have lost my faith in God. please pray for me. I have not truly bel- eived in God for 2 years. I NEED to find Him again,but i just cant seem to.

02-05-02, 06:03 PM
Are you David or James? I ask because I like to pray specifically to the Lord by name. You have a favorite verse listed on your profile and you have a nice website. Are you sure you truly haven't believed, but maybe put God on a back burner to tend other things in your life? Sometimes we tend to do that, then when we reach for God again, we can't "feel" Him, and we begin to question our faith. Or we feel that He has deserted us. Or that we are not worthy to come back to Him now. He loves you, friend, and He's right there with you...

Dear Lord - we're still praying for protection, direction, wisdom and healing for our friend and his family! We lift up this family to you Lord, so that you may let your truth sink into their hearts. We ask for strengthing of faith, Lord, and reassurance that you are with them. Send them that peace, Lord, that only you can provide. In Jesus' name, Amen.

02-05-02, 07:06 PM
Lord, draw David back to the cross - back to the beginning of his journey with You to reclaim what the enemy has tried to steal. Take him back to his first love and help him to lay down the burdens and seek restoration and renewal. Bless him with a renewed vision of Your plan for his life and shower him with Your mighty Spirit. in Jesus' name.

02-14-02, 01:23 AM
Complete Deliverance From Satan Attack!!

Humble One
02-14-02, 02:05 PM
Lord, we pray for your love and understanding. Please give our friend the strength and will to accept you back into this family's heart. Give them the power to FEND OFF THIS ATTACK!

02-14-02, 07:50 PM
You ARE delivered David. You were delivered from ALL of this 2000 years ago. Search His Word. Seek Him first. Let Him minister to You. Rest at His feet. Learn. Grow. Believe that He died for You and for every one of these situations that come against you!

Father send Your STRENGTH to David tonight. Minister Your peace to his heart and fill him with the determination to learn and grow and mature in You. Assure him that his prayers are answered; that what he needs to do now is absorb Your Word - Your TRUTH - like a sponge. Teach him Lord and bless him with Your joy! in Jesus' name.


We're standing WITH you in this David. satan CAN'T win either in you or in your family. We have God's WORD on that!

02-26-02, 02:44 AM
Please Ask god for protection, before you pray this next prayer...
Friend in danger... Please pray for James!
I know someone who is a Christian but is in a relationship with someone heavily into occult practises (wicca) and doesn't see how dangerous and wrong it is. please pray that his eyes will be opened and his heart will be touched by God's word and spirit.