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01-12-02, 06:15 PM
Hi. I hope this is the right board for this.??? I noticed some posts at ILJ saying that birth control pills are an abortive and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where they got this information? I realize that "the morning after" pill causes an embryo not to implant but I was always told that daily oral contraceptives cause an egg not to be released at all.
I know women who became pregnant while on the pill and went on to have happy, healthy full-term babies so that's why I don't understand this talk about the pill causing the uterus to be a hostile environment.??
I'm just wondering about this because I took the pill for six years and if I ever thought it was allowing conception to take place I never would have taken it. Also, I've been considering taking it again so I really need to know. If anyone knows a RELIABLE source of information please post!! (Please, no paranoid, gossip- rag websites, they give me a headache. ):rolleyes:



01-12-02, 07:04 PM
Hello Teresa
First a disclaimer I am not an OBGYN nor any kind of expert on reproduation.
That having been said I'd make the guess that the posts to which you refer were on the debate and discussion board. Is that accurate? If so you may want to understand that while in formal debate one must substantiate statements with direct evidence in open debate and discussion people are sometimes expressing opinions and may at times not have 100% acurate info. And just as in conversations off net there may even happen to be an individual or two who exaggerates or says something inaccurate in the heat of conversation to try to win an arguement. This happens also in dorm rooms, laundromats, break rooms, faculty lounges and wherever humans of strongly differing viewpoints gather. It possibly should not but from time to time it does. Each person is expressing their own opinions and convictions not necessarily those of ilj or of other ilj members. O O that sounds like a disclaimer too doesn't it? ;) But it's actually meant to help with understanding that particular board especially with reflections on the human race in general.

As a woman I have learned that different conterceptives work in different ways. As you know there are some called barriers which are designed to prevent the egg and sperm from being in the same place at the same time, others which prevent egg release, others which prevent attatchment such as IUDs. These latter like the morning after pills could be considered abortative in that they are intended to prevent a fertilized ovum from attatching to the uterine lining. It is likely that if you were told that the type you used acted by preventing egg release that is exactly what they did. If you have any question talk with your physician or a pharmacist.

01-14-02, 12:56 PM
Thanks Ann!
Honestly I don't remember which board I read it on but it might've been more than one. Maybe the discontinued women's board,too. (I was going to put "the old women's board" but that doesn't sound too good!) hahaha!
Anyway, I see what you mean about people saying things they aren't sure about. It can be a problem I suppose if we go around believing everything we read, huh? I just had this horrible idea that maybe there was more to "the pill" than I had previously known that has been kept "hushed" until now, if you know what I mean? I guess all I can really do is ask the doctor or pharmacist like you said and hope they are honest. Of course a little praying on it wouldn't hurt also...:D
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate that you took the time for me!

Take care!


01-14-02, 11:23 PM
U R welcome Teresa
God bless

By the way while u R asking u may want 2 check on the health risks for yourself of diferent kinds of contraceptive methods at diferent ages and stages of life. I am told there are wide variations. I am not (see prev disclaimer) advocating for or against any method just noting that it appears there r diferences in risk factors as well as in effectiveness and ways of achieving the desired result. :)