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01-12-02, 02:43 PM
I have prayed so hard and long for my mother-in-law to accept Christ-it doesn't bother me that she died last night but i am so crushed that she did it without Christ! She never wanted me to pray with my kids-she claimed to be a christian by hated that I named my child Christian and that I taught them scriptures,etc. But the worse is how she used HIS name in vain and my husband also! Well when i prayed for a godly family-my husband divorced me. there was no biblical reason for it and our preacher never offer counseling cuz he said he was a preacher and not a pastor-and he even tesitified in court for Geo! He even said it was ok for us to divorce...on what grounds? Things are a mess! Well i continued to pray and when people from my church started the same night my mother-in-law went to the hospital. She was diagnoised with liver cancer-and 2 days later was so bad! Things happened so quickly!Well things never got better-no Geo wouldn't pray and neither would his mom! My heart was breaking! Our kids was split between us in the court cuz the judge wanted the 2 older ones to get help(they are just as violent as their dad). So this week I asked if I could help with my mother-in-law and he said no and I said at least let me come and cook for you guys(he had no sleep and was so tire) so he let me but I wasn't allowed to see her-but I could here my husband and her fighting and cursing the Lord...there are definate strongholds here and I have prayed and annointed the house. He has allowed demons in by letting the kids stay in witchcraft! I have prayed and asked everyone else to pray! Well last night Geo knew his mom only had 2 hours at the most and he wouldn't let me bring our 6 yr old (it not the age-he had our oldest there when his dad died and she was only 3) and he wouldn't let me comfort our 2 oldest kids-he said his family was there. You know he kept telling me and the court that the kids didnt' need me-they had his mom-and now when she was dying-he still wouldn't This week I've spent hours praying prayers from the Power of a Praying Wife...I meant them-praying every aspect of his life...and still this happens. I know he's so full of pride-he even admits to it-and i know what His word says about pride...I am so crushed. I love and want my family together-we all need a godly daddy and husband. Please pray for us_I'm so hurt and I have Christ-I can't imagine what they are going thru without HIM!:wah: :wah: :wah: :wah:

01-12-02, 08:36 PM
Father You alone can help and comfort at a time like this. Please be with this sister and help her through this. Please work in the others in her family and draw them to Christ. Thank You.

01-12-02, 10:34 PM
:angel: Father-God: As I read this letter it has so much hurt in it. Lord Jesus we Pray, Rebuke the devil out of this ladies life. Give the Peace that passes all understanding. Give comfort and ease to all who are hurting. Lord Jesus, We pray, come close and love this lady. Grant that somehow, these children will be delivered from these bad things. Fill this husband and dad with your Holy Spirit and show him Jesus. Lord, Pour Dunamis Power on this hurting situation. Agape. Grandpa.

Dearest Lady. If I can give you a bit of comfort, it is this. Our Lord knows what has been hapening and does Love you dearly. Keep looking to Him and the comfort will come. Grandpa.:)

01-13-02, 07:13 AM
Touch her Lord and let her feel Your intervention and peace. Minister Your wisdom to her heart and deliver her children from the clutches of the enemy! in Jesus' name.