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01-12-02, 09:18 AM
That things will work out for me with no problems here at this Christian Forum. That the letter I gave church staff at my church will get a positive responce. That my parents will finally see that I'm really depressed,& I'm not saying I am for attention. That I'll find a way to move out on my own asap before things at home get worse than they are already.

01-12-02, 09:49 PM
Father please bless Donna and make a way for her. Thank You that she knows Jesus as her Savior.

01-12-02, 10:21 PM
:angel: Father, I am in agreement that may be a communication problem in this family. Father You Know. We ask in Jesus Name for the Peace that passes all understanding in this family. Give Healing Lord Jesus. Father, Fill all in this family with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Insight and Understanding. Put the Love of Jesus into the Hearts of all. Bless this young lady for having the wisdom to ask for intercession. The Lord bless all in this family. Agape, Grandpa.:)

01-13-02, 08:09 AM
Father, I stand in agreement. Release Donna from this oppression and show her how to enjoy her moments with You in control. Help her to walk the path You have chosen in assurance and victory! in Jesus' name.

01-19-02, 05:17 PM
It seems that there were 3 other letters supposedly written by me that I never wrote but I know it was those hackers that have been bothering my friend,& I that also seem to want to help me but they went about it the wrong way,& have gone to far. Because of these letters not written by me,& the one I actually did write they now think I'm going to kill myself when I said no such thing. I know it wasn't the one I wrote or it would have happened almost 2 weeks ago. I only found all this out through my brother,& I have no idea what's going on no one has said a word to me not even Brother Wade or Diane who I wrote the letter for about the letter. Only because of this are my parents even going to help me get counseling now. I don't know what has happened I know absolutely nothing about this because I haven't really been told about it. I noticed that I over heard daddy saying things about me on the phone that aren't true. These hackers have ruined everything with those 3 letters according to what my brother said I may not ever get to go back to where I go to church again because of these letters. They had no right to go to my parents with the letter I wrote like this I never said I'd kill myself in that letter,I never said I would in it,& my brother almost wouldn't even believe that. Why am I finding this out from him not anyone else? Is no one even going to tell me what is going on so I'll know. I did mention that I self-inflict pain by hurting myself but still there was no reason to do this,& they should have realized I didn't write those 3 other letters.
Some people don't believe that a 14 year old would know enough to say that I need counseling but just because he's a kid don't mean he didn't know what he was talking about,& daddy had no right to be mean to him,he was only trying to help me,daddy said that if he ever contacted him again he'd contact his parents,& other not so nice things. Right now I'm not at all happy with the hackers for what they have done to me,nor am I happy with Brother Wade or Diane for doing what they did to me either,& I'm not happy that no one even said a word to me about what happened,I have to be told that. My brother doesn't understand how our parents treat him,& he wouldn't believe me if I even told him,he don't understand that I don't get to do what I really want to do,& he'll never get understand. He sees things more our parents way than my way that's the problem. At the moment I really wished I lived in another state because the 3 letters sent by the hackers have ruined everything.

01-19-02, 07:17 PM
Fa6ther please help Donna to get good counseling however it came about and to be able to really get help with the things she needs and wants help about. Please open up communications in this family so they can share in You and help each other. And please help Donna to have Your peace. Please help her to have friends and positive things she likes to do and a sense that she is respected as a person and is important to You and to others. Thank You.

01-20-02, 06:37 AM
Father Almighty, thank You for being who You are. God, this is a rough situation that I know Donna knows she can't get out of and if I were in it i'd be the same; this is why I'm proud to say my God is an Awesome God and no less. Father, I pray for evertyhing Donna has to go through, Father, and help her com eout of this trial praising You Lord Jesus. God, You're the Almighty God, and an Almighty God is exactly what is needed in this situation. Lord, we recognize that no situation can be done without Your help, but this is one situation where we realize immediately tha tYour help is needed. thank You God, for being all You are to us. Daddy, take us up in Your arms and never let us go, Lord, and never let us go. Give us sttrength when we fall and help us get off the ground, Lord. I know Your hand is holding onto donna real tight right now, Father, so I pray for her life in the immediate future, Lord, in all things I give You praise, Father, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


01-21-02, 10:58 AM
I know more about the 4 letters now than I did. The kid who pretended to be my close online friend is the hacker,the brat responsible for everything. It seems that the letter I actually wrote was never even involved. I will mention her by the AOL sn I originally started talking to her on Talkinpest as it describes her real well. She has tricked me so many times in to being her friend again by convincing me she wasn't 1 of the hackers she's the main hacker,last time she did by saying it was a hacker not her when she was never even hacked ever. She's the one that wrote all 4 of these letters saying that I wanted to kill myself. I talked with Ms.Midge yesterday afternoon,& she will be telling Brother Wade what I told her. If the address for Talkinpest is on any of those 4 envelopes it is evidence towards her,& it can be taken to the police. This brat has got to be stopped before she hacks anyone else online or causes anyone else trouble online like my friend,& I. She even involved all my close online friends with the email bombing. Talkinpest went way to far this time.
I knew about the 1 phone call to the church office as I was on the phone with the brat the night she threatened me,& did so to show me that she was serious,she pretended to be me in her message on the answering machine,& she called another time,pretended to be me yet again on the church answering machine saying that I wanted to kill myself,& boy has it ever caused me a lot of trouble. Like my brother not wanting to believe me when I said I didn't write them that I never said I wanted to kill myself. I hope to have a chance to actually talk to Brother Wade this week,I don't have his number as it was changed,& he's like never in the church office. At least now I know who wrote those letters,& that they did say I wanted to kill myself in them,& that's where Brother Wade got that from,& it sure does make sense now although I still don't really know understand what's going on. I just wish I had never became friends with Talkinpest,& told her my entire personal life. I have no idea where she even got the churches address from. At least the letters I never wrote did accomplish 1 good thing,my parents are finally willing to get me the counseling I need but it seems like daddy,& my brother don't believe I even need it at all but then daddy has never thought I needed it but mom has. I think mom has known all along that I'm really depressed because she's always putting her arm around me to comfort me not at home not in front of daddy but at church in front of other people. Daddy still don't go to church even though our Pastor has retired,& I believe it's because we have a lady Music Director,& he don't approve of it. Daddy don't think that going to church is even important. Sure he goes to certain activities but that's it. He sure did amaze us that one Wednesday night in October the week they got back from vacation when we all went to church that night for church supper,& church. Either or 1 of her friends also hackers hacked Doug again Saturday,I didn't realize it was a hacker at 1rst,I should have,I just know this hacker on his AIM name pretending to be Doug told to me go offline so he could call me,doing that was a big mistake,it didn't dawn on me that he had said he couldn't make long distance calls again any time soon as the last phone bill had been so high,the hacker who hacked him called me pretending to be Doug on the phone then all these strange things happened on the phone,then hackers admit to being hackers not Doug,&said this will be the last call. It better be but I refuse to change my number because of it. Talkinpest the hacker on Doug's AIM name,&AOL account was saying that Doug wanted to kill himself,at the time I thought it was Doug that had come back on but when the hacker kept saying that,&wouldn't say why he wanted to kill himself by Monday I realized something wasn't right,but I found out the truth that it wasn't Doug when I talked to him yestyerday.
When Talkinpest told me she'd send these letters to my church after I said they'll know it's not me she said they will believe it was me that wrote them. I know she intentionally wrote them to Brother Wade to ruin my offline life. Okay I might be suicidal but I got no intentions of killing myself,besides I promised 1 of close online friends on the phone Tuesday night I wouldn't kill myself,that I wouldn't do anything to hurt myself.

If I hadn't written a letter with my suicide plans a year ago they wouldn't believe I wrote them. Of course I changed my mind but my parents or my brother don't think I was even serious about it,&I got accused of doing it for attention. I got in trouble for the letters,&the calls I made in the suicidal emergency a year ago as I'm in trouble for letters I didn't write now as I also got in trouble last time I did call the church office although my parents claim Iwasn't for that last phone call I made but to me I did as they were on my case about it.

The letter I wrote was asking the church staff to do what I know they can do to help me.

01-21-02, 12:04 PM
Father continue to reach out to Donna with Your love and presence. Help her to forgive those who have wronged her and to focus on deepening her relationship with You. You are, after all, our BEST FRIEND. You have SO much to share with us and to teach us. But we have to get really quiet and not let the problems be louder than Your gentle voice. Help Donna to put this behind her and to concentrate on hearing what You have to say about her life, her health, her peace and her freedom. Bless her with a powerful move of Your Spirit and bless her with a peaceful heart! in Jesus' name.


Don't be distracted honey. The enemy wants its voice to be the loudest in your head. Satan wants you to dwell on the negative. the more time you spend thinking about and fretting over what has happened, the less time you have to focus on Jesus and what salvation means for you. There's a chorus I learned many years ago that keeps going through my head:

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
look full in His wonderful face;
and the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
in the light of His glory and grace."

Focus only on Him and watch the miracles begin!

God Bless You!!

01-22-02, 01:30 PM
That my parents,brother,& his wife,& church staff will believe the truth about who wrote these letters,& that I'm not responsible for them. All I know is that I have only heard about 4 letters,& the one responsible for them told my friend that she wrote all 4 of them,& mailed them to my church,& there is the letter that wasn't mailed to the church that I did write that my friend printed out on his printer,since I didn't have one then but have a new printer now that I had my Sunday School teacher give Diane. This week the truth about the letters will be known to everyone who knows of them,& it can be proven that I never wrote them since these 4 were mailed. To think that anyone would even believe that I wrote them when I didn't just don't make any sense when they were mailed unless she didn't put her own address on it. I know how she got the churches address even though she lives in New York 1 of these hackers lives right here in Mobile. My brother had a really hard time believing I didn't write them,& I don't think he believes the truth either.