View Full Version : Adoption Update

01-10-02, 05:06 PM
My wife can come home now from Florida and legally bring the baby with her. PTL!

We still need prayers, though, in regards to the home study being expedited. Virginia is suddenly having issues with the home study not being done yet, but a few weeks ago they refused to conduct one without a court order. Very strange indeed. So we're having a private foundation conduct the home study at our cost. I will be happy to have wife & baby home safely soon.

01-10-02, 06:38 PM
Lord we thank You for this VICTORY. We praise You for bringing this situation to a close and for blessing this dear family with Your very best. We believe that You have paved the way and that all will work out as You have ordained. Continue to lead and guide and minister to this family and keep the blessings flowing! in Jesus' name.

01-10-02, 08:02 PM
:angel: Father, Here is another family situation that we do not know much about. Lord, You know all!! Bless this entire family and give the Peace that passes all understanding. Protect this new mom and baby. Lord Jesus come close and bless all. Agape. Grandpa.