View Full Version : I need your prayers for my family

01-10-02, 12:34 AM
Hi, I am very well new here and I just wanted to say hi. Well anyways, I wanted to say that my family is going down hill right now which I do not like to see. I am 17 years old and soon to be 18. But anyway, the reason why my family is going down hill is because a certain car company ripped my parents off and they put my dad's signiture on a contract which he never signed and they stole some money. I just wanted to say that we are looking for a lawer right now but I also wanted to say that we need god on our sides right now to help us through it. Also, the last thing I wanted to say is that I thank god for bringing me the love of my life. I just met her and I thank god for her because she is so perfect to me and I love her to death and she loves me. But that's about it and I hope to have god on our sides and help us through this mess we are having.

01-24-02, 09:58 PM
:angel: Father, this request was missed and we lift this family up right now. Give a great Jesus Blessing to all in this family. Grant that all pain and strife will be gone. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all. Agape. Grandpa.

01-24-02, 10:35 PM
Father, this family needs Your presence and intervention in their lives. Reach out to them. Use this adversity as Your opportunity to draw them to the cross to see for themselves what You did for them. Show them Your redemption and tell them how to receive Your greatest Gift for their very own. Save them, fill them, heal them, prosper them and show them Your Word. Teach them Your wonders and bless them richly, above all they could imagine. in Jesus' mighty name.

01-27-02, 01:15 AM
Amen. Father please minister to these folks as only You know how. Thank You for drawing nateprimexp here. Please draw him and his family into the safety of Your love and help them handle all of this in the best possible way. Thank you.

01-27-02, 06:33 AM
O God, I remember first seeing this need, Lord, and I just pray for the continued love to fall upon nate and his family, Lord, knowing what they must be going through can't be easy, Lord. I thank You and praise You for doing all that You have, Father, and all that You will do is just so amazing I can't even behold it, Lord. Father, as You have blessed these people, so let them return the blessings to You, Father, in Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.