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angel collector
01-09-02, 01:08 PM
ive been slained in the spirit a few times in the past and its a wierd feeling and its hard to explain to people what happened its like i was in my own little world at peace you know the first time it happened my reaction was to fight it and the preacher said the more i fight it the harder GOD will try and "push" me so i just let it happen and i was out cold for over 3 1/2 hrs i could hear what everyone was saying but it didnt register in my head it was like in one ar out the other, people said i was shaking like i was cold but i was calm and warm and it felt like someone was holding me down but i wasnt struggling to get free. my friend told me that god was trying to talk to me since when i was on the floor i saw a pair of hands out stretched to me with nail holes in them. anyway its happened a couple of times to me and i wanted to know why this happens and say that it scares me a little and i wanted to know if anyone knew the reason this happens
please help thanks

alot of people on another board say that this whole slained in the spirit thing is demonic and not from god please help

Flannel Avenger
01-09-02, 01:48 PM
I have had no experience with such things, so I don't have an opinion as to whether or not it is demonic. There was a discussion about this in the teen scene a few weeks back and the general consensus was that it was mostly psycological (that you expect to be slain in the spirit, or others around you expect you to be, so you are).

In any event, this is only the third instance in my life I've ever head somebody mention it (1: Frank Peretti book "Visitation" 2: Teen Scene discussion) so it's not a universal idea among the church.

01-10-02, 02:40 AM
The way it usually happens is not supported by the Bible, at least not that I've seen. When Paul fell in the middle of the road, something pretty major happened when he got up. When John fell, he got the entire book of Revelations afterword. I don't know of any case where somebody just kind of zonked out and then came out of it in the Bible. We've had a long lasting revival in our town recently. It's not uncommon after the sermon to have half the church sprawled out all over the place. Every Night! I'm a bit skeptical about that.

2ndly, what's the point of catchers? Why have people standing behind waiting for you to go down? If God really wants it, He'll probably make sure He don't kill you when you ram your head on something. I don't know if it's some kind of hypnosis or what, but I've got a hunch 99.5% of it is not of God.

01-10-02, 02:46 AM
I went to a prayer meeting once and the pastor tried to push me down. I didn't let him. He pushed harder. I told him to stop, he started praying something like "Almighty God loosen the bonds on this man's heart" I told him to "let God work how he wants, not how you want" and left. That night I had one of my most memorable prayer times ever.

That by no means illustrates that I think it's never right, just that some people are in it just for show. Be very wary. And I do think strongly that the vast majority of it is psychological. If someone would post a link to the Teen Scene thread, I'd really appreciate it. If I'm not mistaken, the person who started this thread was involved in the TS thread under a different name.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


Breni Sue
01-10-02, 03:17 AM
I would have to agree that it is mostly psychological. I once went to a Pentecostal church where the minister more or less said that you weren't a true Christian unless you were slain in the Spirit.(she also said the same thing about speaking in tongues, but that is a different topic!) Needless to say, I eventually quit going there.

No doubt there are some phonys out there. But that is not to say that the experience itself is not real. A minister can shove you down all they wish, but they cannot force you to be slain the Spirit unless God wills it. Furthermore, not being slain does not mean that you are not a true Christian. It simply means that God has different ways of touching and working through us.

01-10-02, 06:18 AM
I prefer the term 'resting in God' I've had my fair share of 'restings'......but I have also had one incidence of being pushed & it upset me a lot........I left the room.

However, I do think it is of God most of the time.

Some-one said why have catchers..............just in case.........I've seen the way some ppl 'go down' & if it wasn't for a 'catcher' they may have hurt themselves badly............specially if it was the 'soul' & not the 'spirit'.

01-10-02, 03:27 PM
I still hold that if it is a God thing, He should be able to see to it you aren't hurt. I just wonder how much less of this there would be if they knew it was just them and God, nobody to catch them, and no audience expecting to see great and spiritual things. I'd still like a Biblical precedent for resting or whatever.
Not trying to provoke argument; trying to understand a spiritual phenomenon, if that is what it is.

01-12-02, 01:34 PM
I don't think it is a good thing. God loves us and would never "slay" us. Any gift from God will be good. "But God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind." In that experience, did you have a sound mind? I don't think it was from God.

The only experiences that I've had that I can relate to yours were not from God. Therefore I would say to you to be careful, and don't seek that stuff, and pray about it.