View Full Version : Diabetes and a Cure.

01-08-02, 11:42 PM
:) Good evening all-Grandpa here: When I read Mizz Anns letter about Charles and Diabetes, I hurt all over. Lift me up also because I have Type 11. This does not require insulin shots but medication, diet, exercise and deep concern are a large part of my life now. Hold me up in prayer about this malady, and not only me but others also. I do not ask for much prayer mainly because I see so many people who are hurting so much more badly. But it is working on my mind now. Agape. Grandpa.

01-09-02, 02:33 AM
Amen Lord. Please watch over Grandpa, guide him in what he eats. Please make him hungry for the right things in the right amounts at the right times and not hungry for the things that upset his glucose balence. Please help him to get the exercise he needs and to feel good. And please especially help him to be hungry for Jesus and feast on His word and grow in grace and strength and righteousness. He and his family are a gift You've given all of us. Thank You.

In Jesus name we speak to the insulin receptors in Grandpa's cells and command them to work properly in Jesus name. Perceive, receive and utilize the insulin his body producews and glucose in his blood as you were created to do.

01-09-02, 06:44 PM
Oh yes Lord! Make his hunger for You greater and greater! We thank You for bringing him to us and we ask that you relieve his mind of the concern and worry. Sometimes it gets SO tiresome to deal with so many limitations. We're not youngsters anymore and we've had to come to terms with our own mortality. It wears on the brain some days! So touch him, revive him, restore him, renew him and refresh him - body, soul and spirit! in Jesus' mighty name.

01-12-02, 10:41 PM
:smash: :) Good Evening All: Grandpa Here: Right Now I am about as amazed as I have ever been. Since asking for prayer for this Diabetic condition, I have been left almost falling down because of a low sugar count several times. (2 days ago it was 59 one afternoon.) In addition I have cut back on my medication and still the sugar count is staying lower. Oh Me of little faith. May the Lord bless all for your prayers and concerns. Plez do not forget me. Mizz Ann's Charles is doing mucho better from what I read. May the Lord bless you and keep all of you and keep You safe. Thanks much. Agape. Grandpa. :) :D :biggrin:

01-13-02, 08:23 AM
Halleluiah!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!!!

01-13-02, 09:47 PM
O Lord Thank You! Thank You for healing Grandpa. Please continue this great work in his body. Please show him what and how to do to be able to continually walk in healing and how to keep his glucose balemnce normal.

Thank You Father for reminding us that You really like for us to ask Your help and to reach out to You when we have a need,

Please continue to bless Grandpa and his family.


01-19-02, 02:44 PM
Father, in the name of Jesus, I confess Your word concerning healing. As I do this, I believe and say that Your word will not return to You void, but will accomplish what it says it will. Therefore, I believe in the name of Jesus that Grandpa is healed,according to 1Peter 2:24. It is written in Your Word that Jesus himself took our infirmities and bore our sikcnesses. Therefore, with great boldness and confidence I say on the authority of that written Word that Grandpa is redeemed from the curse of sickness, and He refuses to tolerate its symptoms.