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01-08-02, 08:45 PM
I don't know what's up with my boss but I'm really fed up with him trying to make us all feel like he's done SO much to keep us employed. All he wants is to look good to management and it's at OUR expense. He's sold us down the river and now keeps telling us how fortunate we are that he was able to keep portions of our section. Of course it means that a few of us will have to do the work of two people.....but, "hey, it beats unemployment"! At least he keeps reminding us of that. I'll be the best steward I can with what the Lord has given me to do at that job but I can't do two full-time jobs. I can't be in three places at once which is what he has decided I'm going to have to do in order to remain employed. Please pray with me. I need to be aware of these attacks and stand firmly on the Word instead of allowing it to get me down!


Father, I've had it with my situation at work. I've only been back for two days and I already feel like quitting for the millionth time. I'm sick of being tossed to and fro on the daily wind of my boss' attitudes.

satan, I take authority over your attempt to distract me with this nonsense. Jesus gave me this job and only JESUS will determine when and if it ends. I command you to take your threats and discontent and go back to the pits of hell where you belong. I rebuke you and your lies and I bind your power over me, my workplace and those who work with and for me. BE SILENT. I loose the Holy Spirit to surround and engulf my workplace with Your joy and Your peace. Stand between us and this man's whims/attitudes. Be our defense and our strength when he gets out-of-line. Help me to recognize these attacks and to stand firmly on my ROCK for the truth. Bless all concerned with a renewed sense of You in their lives. Use this to prove to the unbelievers that OUR GOD REIGNS! Lord I GIVE You my office and my section. Safeguard us from this harrassment and torment. Let Your Spirit reign supreme in this place! in Jesus' mighty name.

01-08-02, 10:28 PM
:angel: Father: In these stressful times, Job stress is a very real thing. In jesus Name, I ask for the peace that passes all understanding for all involved. Give Marilyn relief from the circumstances causing this problem. We do not know all of the facts Father, But You do. Give Holy Spirit Understanding to all involved. Lord Jesus look kindly on this rough situation and give a cure for it. Agape. Grandpa.

01-09-02, 02:55 AM
Father I stand in agreement with my sister Marilyn. You are the authority because she has chosen to be under Your authority. She is a representative of Your kingdom in that place. Let Your kingdom reign in her and through her. If this boss is really the cause of the trouble and not just a symptom then please change him or remove him so Marilyn can work in peace. Please help her set priorities according to Your priority. Help her to use her time well and not be dragged down and exhausted by unreasonable demands or even by "reasonable resentments" but to respond in grace and love and wisdom. Her times are in Your hands because she put them there. Father please meet every need for Marilyn and Dave. You are their provider and their Lord. You are the one who sent them there in the 1st place, the one who keeps and guides them, the one who leads them forth each day and lifts them up and keeps them seated in heavenly places even while they walk upon this earth. Thank You for meeting every need for them from peace and rest and wisdom to their finances and their joy in Jesus name I pray.

Thank You for the love and care with wihic Marilyn does this board and By His Side, the way she cares and the way she casts each care on You knowing that You never miss in catching them and catching her as well. Please continue to help her to minister to You and those who ned Your help. Thank You.

01-11-02, 01:53 AM
Father please continue to work in, through, and for Marilyn especially in her workplace. Please bless her with the assurance that You are in control. Please give her grace and wisdom. And please give her a Holy Spirit hug from all of us who care about her and her family. Thank You.