View Full Version : Please Pray for Ruben and Mary

01-08-02, 09:15 AM
Pastors Ruben and Mary who minister to many homeless hurting people are in danger of becoming homeless themselves. THey have missed several mortgage payments because the money was not there or what there was was used to help others or pay on the church. This is a desperate situation not just for them but for the folks who depend on them. They provide shelter in their own home for those in need. No other place for several counties around will take a teenage boy w/ or w/out his family. No other place will take teen girls alone. The courts send kids to them to help and they love them out of gangs and of the streets and now they are threatened with being oin the street themselves. Please pray.

Father You know every bit of this situation including any wrong decisions. You know that Mary and Ruben love You and are walking in the ministry You've called them to. They have given way beyond where it hurts and they are exhausted and in pain physically, spiritually and emotionally. Please help. You are their provision and supply. Your word says yopu will open up the windows and pour out a blessing so great they can't even receive it all. Your word is true. And yet this happens. Father please show them what blocks the flow and how to deal with it. Please provide a secure place. You know their choice would be to keep this house but the want Your choice. This has gone on so long with struggles against so amny odds but You are victoreous. Please help them live Your victory. Pleasse let the people who should help them rally and do it. And please today show Mary how to get through the day in You. Please take the pain away and undo whatever damage to her heart. Please watch over Nayeli and the other teens you've sent to them and help them see You in this. Thank You for bringing Olivia to church and helping her start to open up her heart. You are doing so much ther. Please let in continue. O Father please wrap them in Your love. Thank You.

01-08-02, 07:22 PM
Provide for every need Lord! Let the flood gates of heaven open that Your love and provision might rain down upon them. Use this situation to strengthen them, to speak to the doubting hearts and to reinforce the statement that OUR GOD REIGNS. Ruben and Mary believe it. We believe it. And we stand on Your Word, expecting that all the rest will be added! Accomplish the greater purpose in this Lord and bless all concerned with Your wisdom and insight! Renew, refresh and restore! in Jesus' name. We thank You for VICTORY!!

01-08-02, 10:03 PM
:angel: :angel: Father I lift up to you Ruben and Mary. Give a cure to their financial Problems. Father you own the cattle on a thousand hills and the earth is yours and the fullness thereof. We ask in Jesus Name for a perfect answer to their problems. Bless their ministry and give healing to all in the family. Agape. Grandpa.