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01-07-02, 06:43 PM
Please pray for my friend and his family. His dad has just been diagnosed with some kind of cancer of the blood. It's good in some ways that they were able to diagnose his pain and symptoms, but bad because although they think it's controllable at this time, they think it'll be tough to get rid of.

Please pray for healing of this guy. Also please pray for my friend, and his family cos it's tough on them right now.


01-08-02, 08:52 AM
Father please help b's friend know the fullness of the salvation Jesus bought for him and that it includes healing for all diseases including cancer. Please watch over him and help him to be strong. Please send him Christian friends to minister to him and to help with practical stuf as well as spiritual. Thank You.

01-08-02, 07:14 PM
Lord, I stand in agreement! Bless this family with Your strength, Your healing, Your wholeness, Your salvation, Your renewal and Your peace! in Jesus' name.

01-08-02, 10:32 PM
:angel: Father again we know that You know all. Bless these people with perfect healing. Rebuke the devil out of this family. Lord Jesus come near and give comfort as only you can. Agape. Grandpa.