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01-06-02, 08:24 PM
Im rather new to the board, and ive been posting mainly on the open discussion board, i had no idea that the board had an open invitation to athiest. I went as far as posting asking why they were on the board, Daaaaah i realy feel like a goooooof!!!

Peace and Love


Breni Sue
01-06-02, 09:13 PM
Hey, that's cool, don't feel bad! :) That forum is mainly for debate. So pretty much anything you say is open for um, well, debate! Not that that is a bad thing, mind you. Judging from your posts, I think you will find Christian Fellowship more to your liking. We are more about :love: than :argue:

01-06-02, 11:02 PM

Welcome aboard. This forum is the peaceful one, the ODD forum is the well debate one.

Glad you joined us.

01-07-02, 12:16 AM
Really enjoyed and appreciated your testimony and pray that despite the climate some on ODD (CL&D) did read and heed or at least will think about. Ann & Charles