View Full Version : Father please keep the lights and heat on

01-06-02, 01:03 AM
Father please keep the lights and heat on here. Please don't let this storm take out the power. The forcasters make it sound bad and centered here but it doesn't have to be that way. Your word says that the things Jesus did and greater things we will do because He went to the Father and the winds and waves obeyed Him so in Jesus name I speak to this storm front and tell it to shift and to break up and not cause problems here. Do not ice the power lines. Do not isolate people stuck on impassable roads. Do not cause harm or loss of life. You can leave some pretty snow but do no damage and disruption. Father thank You for taking care of us and keeping us warm and safe. Please watch over those who have no homes or no heat and make a way for them to be warm and safe too. Please help us get to the store and back without problems and give me wisdom on what to get and what not to get. Thank You.

01-06-02, 10:39 AM
Father, we trust You to keep the power on for Ann and Charles and the many, many folks who need to stay warm! Bless them continually with Your presence and Your intervention and send this storm quickly out to sea! in Jesus' name.

01-06-02, 10:40 PM
:smash: Father, As one who lives in the mountains also, I ask in Jesus Name that You keep the power on and the roads clear. Bless the road crews and the Power Co. repair crews. Keep them safe and warm for the stress of keeping things going. Praise God from whom all all blessings flow. Agape. Grandpa.

01-07-02, 01:09 AM
Not freezing rain. rain rain. Thank YOu Jesus and thank you all who prayed, God bless you all.

01-07-02, 09:03 PM