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01-05-02, 07:11 AM

My name is Mark Giesbrecht and I have been without a church for 5 years. Not that I haven't tried many, but I feel like I am in exile.

I grew up in the Mennonite Church, and while teaching me the scriptures, it gave me a form of faith without the substance. I left this in 1990 and joined the Vineyard church where I experienced God in a new wonderful way but eventually started to crave some maturity and structure and left after 6 years. Since then I have not been able to find a place were I can simply love God, worship God and love others. All the churches in my area seem to be attempting to replicate themselves into infinity in attempts to convert the world to their understanding and specific practice of faith.

I long for a regular gathering of believers of similar faith that can simply meet to worship God and care for each other. That's it, ministries can continue with the organized institutional church. Maybe we could eat together once in awhile.

I am a 35 year professional counsellor that has 3 young daughters and is married to a wonderful woman who practices as a registered nurse. We serve people as a way of life. We want to simply love God with other believers and every church we enter wants to snatch us up and get us running their pointless ministries. I am tired of not being accepted because I think outside of the Christian Cultures Box, overlooked for relationships with believers because I will not lead pointless ministries.

Does anyone know where a simple regular gathering of believers is going on in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada?

Starving for more of Jesus and likeminded believers, but not willing to withstand any more church services where I am yelled at, taught one persons version of what religious practice is, have modernistic views spewed at me and see outright misogyny take place.

Mark Giesbrecht

01-05-02, 10:15 PM
I don't know personally of any churches that would fit your description. I go to an Anglican church but you probably want something less structured than that. I'll look around for you and see if I can find anything.