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Charles Probert
01-04-02, 03:22 PM
Know GOD ! 6 - 1 – 2000.
Nowadays people are saying that we should know our enemy, and find out what all these occultic and eroneous religious systems are all about, so that one could minister successfully to them etc. Right here & now I will say that ‘ I have never heard of them having any success in leading them to the LORD Y’SHUA, because Y’SHUA HIMSELF said “no man can come to ME unless the FATHER draw them: I would further state by direction of the HOLY GHOST that this mindset is totally unscriptural because no where in the word of GOD does it say know your enemy ; But many times it does say ,” know your GOD”.

Ex 6 :- 7 ; Know that I AM the LORD!
Jer 31:- 34; Know the LORD!
John 1:- 10; The world did not Know HIM!
John 13:- 7- 17; If you Know these things blessed are you if you DO them!
John 17:- 3; And this is eternal life that they may Know YOU the only true
GOD and Y’SHUA HAMASHIACH Whom YOU have sent!
John 17:- 8; …..they have Known surely that I come forth from YOU!
“ “ 23; …..that the world may Know that YOU have sent ME!
“ “ 25; O righteous FATHER the world has not Known YOU but I have
Known YOU;& these have Known that YOU have sent ME!
“ “ 26; And I have declared to them YOUR name!
John 21:- 15; Know that I love you!
Eph 1:- 17; may give you revelation in the Knowledge of HIM!
Eph 3:-19; Know the love of MESSIAH!
Eph 4:-13 Knowledge of the SON of GOD!
1John 1:-3; By this we Know that we Know HIM!
1John 5:-19-20; Know that you are of GOD---------!

I will further say that those who want to know about the enemy and false doctrine have been deceived by the enemy , the evil one even as Eve was by the serpent Gen 3 :-5; GOD knows ………Gen 2:-17.GOD said “Do not eat of the tree”….Gen 3:-22—24”Behold the man has become like one of US to know good & evil and now lest he put out his hand….therefore the LORD GOD sent him out …So HE drove out the man .

What does the LORD our GOD say to Moses to tell the people? Deut 12 :- 30;That you do not inquire after their god’s saying how did these people worship their god’s? ….I will do likewise. I can tell you that this is the danger of trying to find out or work out how the occult and wrong doctrines and religions work , they are so insipid that one gets sucked into them before they know it ; Therefore our LORD Y’SHUA HIMSELF said if it were possible even the elect would be deceived. Our GOD further shows in Rev 2:-24Now to you I say as many who do not have this doctrine, who have not Known the depths of satan as they say –I will put on you no other burden.

Again I would say you get so subtly sucked into all these things, because all they do is rob one of the time that you could be using to know your GOD and where you could be in fellowship with our Heavenly FATHER and Savior Y’SHUA . Actually by trying to find out about these things you are putting yourself in a place where you are going against the LORD your GOD as HE is the one who warns you against this foolishness. Eph 5:-3—12; Not to be named among you ..etc .Now Elishah was a prophet of GOD who had a good relationship with the LORD GOD – and GOD revealed the enemies plans while Elishah was in communication with the LORD GOD of Hosts –not because he was trying to find out what the enemy was doing but because he knew GOD and was in fellowship with his Creator –he never went to the enemy to ask him; the enemy would have lied to him anyway. He was in communication with his GOD Who honoured him by exposing the enemy and their plans to him-Read 2 Kings 6:- 8-12; and I further ask with all sincerity why did GOD our Heavenly FATHER give us the blessed HOLY GHOST of promise Who knows all things : If we need to go and find out all these things then we do not need the HOLY GHOST to teach us do we?
Y’SHUA our LORD said ,” when HE the HOLY SPIRIT comes HE will lead you into all truth”. HE will tell you all about Y’SHUA and all that Y’SHUA taught , HE will not give of HIMSELF but will reveal Y’SHUA the MESSIAH [JESUS CHRIST] to you . So why do you go to the weak and beggarly elements and unreliable sources for help. If you want to pull someone out of a death situation go to the one who gives life and life more abundantly.Who cares more about them than we ever will because HE created them and desires that none should perish but that all would turn to HIM and be saved in Y’SHUA.

As the LORD revealed to HIS servant;

Charles Probert

He who would hear and obey in MESSIAH shows love.

01-05-02, 01:40 PM
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