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01-04-02, 07:12 AM
Cash is always an obstacle, getting the attorney squared away is another obstacle. The problem lies in that the attorneys who are willing to take the case want a boatload of cash that we don't have. Meanwhile, other attorneys tell us the cost should be about 1/4 of what the other attorneys are proposing, but they don't have the time to take the case. There's a big difference between $2500 in fees vs $10,000 in fees. I can come up with the former without a problem (God has already provided that), but the latter will certainly call for divine intervention and more faith than I currently seem to possess. The mrs. is wiggin' out on me over the attorney & $$$ issues. Please, God, Help me (us) out here?

01-04-02, 09:45 PM
Father thank You for loving this family and planning for their future together. Please show them the provision You have made for this need either a reasonable lawyer or the money to pay the extra costs. Please give them your perfect peace. Thank You.

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Two thoughts
Can the local Bar Assn recommend someone? Can DHACS (DHR) in either stste assist? Child services in most states does adoption home studies etc sand shopuld have info if not direct help. God bless you each and all.

01-05-02, 09:20 AM
Lord, use this goal as a way to draw this dear couple closer and closer to Your Word and Your Truth. Bless them with Your peace and assurance that, as they seek You first in all things, You will provide for every need. Draw them to the foot of the cross to lay down their hearts' desire and entrust You to bring it to pass. Fill them with Your joy and wisdom and show them how to make You the head and heart of their family in preparation for this awesome gift! in Jesus' name.

01-07-02, 09:57 AM
God is good! He has provided for us in the way of the reasonableness of the attorney and the cash needed to clear some obstacles and cut some red tape. Papers being filed in court today (I hope).

My wife has remained in Florida to continue sorting things out and I have returned to work to get a start on the year end business as we wind our business down and prepare to close our doors.

Praise God for his faithfulness.

01-07-02, 01:29 PM
Father, Thank You. Please continue to bless Hook and his family in every way.