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01-03-02, 05:46 PM
hi all... i have a few things going on right now, and that will continue, and i could really use some prayer...

first off... i had an allergic reaction to a friend's hot tub and i have itchy red bumps all over me that won't go away. my goal was to be completely healthy before the semester started.. and that doens't look like it's happening...

secondly... all of my friends... ok not all... but many of my friends are spending the semester in europe. 8 of my friends are gone. they left this afternoon. my 3 best friends at college, the ones i tell everything to and can go to at any time are in Europe as of 2am i think my time. my entire christian support system it seems is gone. and that makes me very sad. i've been dealing with depression for the past few months... probably a few years really though... and i worry that it will get worse instead of better with so many of my close friends far away.

third, of those friends in england, a few are going to have problems being away from friends and family and plain adjusting to life over there. whitney (my roommate from last semester and mynewbestfriend on the boards) is especially having a hard time. 4 months is a long time.

and fourth. it's the start of a new semester. and i so hope that i can get my grades back up before i'm placed on academic probation. last semester constant migraines kept me from my schoolwork and caused a drastic drop in my grades...

all prayers are greatly appreciated! thank you!

Love in Christ,
heather raye

01-03-02, 09:34 PM
:angel: Father We pray for the Peace that passes all understanding for mizz Heather. We ask in Jesus Name for a loving Church Family for her. Give her the Peace that passes all understanding. Fill her with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. Help her with the studies in college. Bless her as only you can Our Father. Agape. Grandpa.:D

01-04-02, 09:50 PM
Father please be with Butterfly and heal her from head to toe inside and out, body, soul and spirit. Please help her lean first on Jesus and then on her 2 footed friends. Please give her the human support she needs too. Please help her with all things about this new semester from the right courses and teachers to being able to master the material. Please be with her friends who are out of the country and help them adjust, find Christian fellowship and be able to share Jesus. Thank You.

01-05-02, 09:18 AM
Amen and Amen! Lord, help Heather to see that You want to be her first, best friend and that You will NEVER take a path that leads away from her! Help her to understand that sometimes these periods of "separation" are ways You can use to draw us even closer to You. Show her that You have MANY things to teach her this semester and that by seeking You first in all things, she'll see SUCH a difference in her whole approach to her studies and activities. Bless her with a powerful revelation of the mighty work You want to do in her life at this point and draw her deeply into an active, heart-felt relationship with You where You can meet every need! in Jesus' name.