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01-02-02, 04:09 PM
works with people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless?
I'm looking for contacts with other people who are ministering to homeless people or people who are at risk of homelessness or have other major needs to see Jesus love in practical ways. This board and ilj as a whole are growing so wonderfully that I thought there may be some people here who are doing that or who can help put us in touch with people who are. It would help us to be able to pray one another and also to be able to share practical ideas solutions and concerns. We know and pray for Bishop Short's concerns and wonder who else is here or is connected here.

Right now we are in an area with more than 3000 homeless kids and less than 50 shelter beds for kids and in a county with absolutely no shelters since the building where our shelter was was put up for sale. We are praying for God to open doors to reopen a shelter and even more for Him to make good places for these children and teens awnd help us help as many famies as possible to have homes again or to avoid becoming homeless. Your prayers are very very welcome and so are your comments. We have so much to learn from Jesus and from each other.

01-03-02, 01:48 AM
with my nephew for preaching to the homeless! That's not the case at all. I just didn't know if he should be calling himself "pastor". You & Ann gave me great biblical feedback though. I think what he's doing at the shelter is admirable. The shelter he's preaching in is not a "family" shelter, but who's patrons are mostly those struggling with alchohol & living in the streets. Some are mentally ill, some are just down on their luck, but the higher percentage are alchoholics. Most are Alaska natives.

A little background on us. I am not a man, but a 37 yr. old mommy & my nephew Timothy turned 20 in August. After reading your posts I had to ask God to forgive me for doubting His wisdom and questioning what He is doing with my nephew. See, just over two years ago from the time this kid 11 or so we thought he'd either wind up dead or in jail. By the time he was 18 he was an alcoholic, druggie, lying thief. We couldn't leave our purses in a room with him and my sister slept with her keys under her pillow at night. Even then, he had compassion for those down and out. He would go to the park where indigant people were living, drink with them and then sneak one or two in through his bedroom window to sleep. He would take things from his mother to give to them. Like her good pan! Anyway, at 18 he went to another state to hang out with a friend & party. He wound up contacting his paternal family that he'd never met, because he knew what town they lived in. (His father has been in prison his whole life and they've never met). One uncle there took him under his wings and shared his faith. (He tended to ignore his mother & me when we tried to share) This was the person who was meant to do the sharing, because within two days Timothy was believing in Christ and was baptised. He quit smoking, drinking, drugging - all totally cold turkey with no ill effects. He truly was a new creation.

It was hard when he came home. We were elated by his transformation, but sooned figured out that the church he was involved in wasn't exactly like our non-denominational one. It seemed rigid and legalistic to us. (I did get advice from this forum at that time also, to help me cope) (different name) He got very serious and we got the impression that our faith & our church & style of worship wasn't going to cut the mustard. He's lost a few jobs for proselytising on the job and he's without a job at the moment. I know now though that he needs this kind of structure to keep him from temptation. I know this is where God wants him. It's just hard to get over our own "dreams" for him and just let go & let God.

I will try harder though!!! I did call him the other night and asked him to forgive his auntie and told him he was doing a good thing. I told him I'd try to trust more.

Sorry I made you think I was angry!

Thank you & God bless!

01-03-02, 02:13 PM
O I remember talking with you about your nephew before and I can see remembering that why some of what he's doing could be especially hard to take. I'm glad to hear he's hanging in there with the Lord. How have you and the rest of the family been doing? My husband is one of those who have a dramatic conversion testimony. I think sometimes it takes someone who has been there and done that to reach folks who are going there and doing that.

I didn't think you were angry with your nephew just feeling he was perhaps elevating his status a bit and maybe also avoiding a regular job and regular ministerial training. And as you know homelessness is a "soapbox" issue for me anyhow. That did however encourage me to post this here and I hope it will lead to contact with others who are working with people in need as part time volunteers or as a full time job or ministry. I feel that thoise who are doing this can encourage one another and learn from each other maybe more than anyone else.

For example Bishhop Short, when you write of your struggle with a church and need to change credentialing association because of this work we can identify because we went through a similar battle in '99 over a similar issue and while God has healed there are still ouches. Ilovejesus.com was a very great blessing to me then, it still is but until God put us at Exodus -now called Fire Mountain- ilj was the only place I found acceptance and caring and a chance to share in the Lord.

01-03-02, 04:30 PM
Ann - Aside from the occasional disagreement, my family is doing quite well! Thanks for remembering me!

Bishop - Your offer to my nephew sounds great! Only problem is that I don't think he would take any training that was not from "his church". He doesn't have a computer. I could ask him if I could give you his address & maybe you could send him a letter or some info. He belongs to "The Church of God". Not "Church of God" gotta have the "The" in there. I know there are many "churches of God" but for some reason his church thinks they have the monopoly on salvation. Or maybe that's just how it sounds coming from him. I'm thinking it's more of the latter. I think it would be great for him to do any kind of training. I will at least ask him!

Thanks for the offer - Heidi

01-03-02, 06:21 PM
ANN! i know of a place that deals with homeless and problem children! i went on a missions trip there last spring break with my campus christian group. it's an amazing place. everyone there is more than happy to answer questions and help in any way too. there's a website from which you can get the mailing address and see pictures and general info and also contact them through email. it's a totally awesome place... i want to go back, but another college is going during my spring break :( anyway.. here's the web address. cookson hills (http://cooksonhills.org) i think that will work... anyway... i hope this will be of some use to you.

Love in Christ
heather raye

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01-05-02, 07:29 PM
Thank you Heather and Vinnie. Great links. From an initial look see the Cookson facility seems more of a children's home than a a ministry to children and families who are experiencing homelessness and are on the streets. But I'm sure that there are good things we can learn from them. I knew about Compassion a bit but was not aware they were working in SE USA. That is definately worth checking out.

Still looking for more contacts especially with people who deal hands on with showing God's love to families and individuals in need, the "front line" folks who talk to teenage mamas trying to keep their babies warm in a cardboard box, who try to find a way to keep a family from being put onto the streets, who take food and love and hope to senior citizens trying to live on almost nothing. I know there are a lot of people doing that, no where near as many as there need to be but a lot. And I know that as Bishop Short says helping folks is going to become more and more the responsibility to the church and caring Christian people (which if you'll pardon the editorial, is who should have been doing it all along). It's easy to get overwhelmed when you live with so many tremendous needs and we need to pray for encourage and support each other. We also need to be able to exchange basic info like what works to get stores to stop throwing away 100s of pounds of good meat each month and let you give it to people who desperately need food, who generally has clothes and diapers for homeless newborns and what are the probabilities that DFACS will take away a mother's children if they find out she's living in a car. So anyone who is doing this or who can help put together contacts please give us a post or an email. Thanks and God bless you.

01-05-02, 09:07 PM

Christian Appalachia Project works to build and repair homes in the Appalachia mountains of eastern kentucky, west virginia, and other states where that mountain chain runs... (sorry, my geography skills stink)... it's not exactly homeless, but it may help too... i have a friend who worked the whole summer with them too that you can email if you're interested. she was the college aged team leader.. she worked the whole summer makeing decisions for all of the projects in a small team... it was a great summer for her. anyway. let me know if you need any more info.

Love in Christ,
heather raye