View Full Version : IT'S SNOWING

01-02-02, 03:49 PM
Not a whole lot just a dusting. The cats are out in it at least the ones who normally go outside. They were so enthused they bounced off each other and ended up in a pile on the deck and it was not even all that slippery. O the loss of catly dignity. About time to let them in before the fun turns to being too cold 'Cessy especially has not gotten as much coat as usual but since God healed her wonderfully I expect continued progress.

Is it snowing where you are?

01-02-02, 09:14 PM
No Ann it's not snowing out here, but since we moved to Onalaska, our dog loved to swim in the lake. He went swimming today in 26 degree weather and died by the boat launch of hypothermia.

He got wet, and too cold and layed down and died.

01-03-02, 08:16 AM
it's snowing here too! We let my cat outside in the snow and she ran under the porch! Which meant I had to lay down in the snow to try to get her out- very cold! lol

This morning there is quite a few inches on the ground - and my church is suppse to be going to Gatlinburg - so i'm praying we have safe travel!

Flannel Avenger
01-03-02, 10:22 AM
Here, it started snowing last night about 6, and it's still snowing. The weather report says that it will continue to snow until about 4 am. Oficially, we have 7 inches of snow.

You can see the latest weather news for where I live here: www.wral.com/weather

I'm sorry to hear about your dog, Multimom, I have 5 dogs.

01-03-02, 01:46 PM
O LeeAnn I'm so sorry! I'll pray for you guys. It's so hard to loose a 4 footed family member.

We currently have about 6-8 inches of "it won't snow" on the ground, more coming down and another round forcast for Sat.

The cats are IN. Black E. Cats went out for a few min this AM got under the trailer and had to be rescued too. And he's the one who is basicly an outdoor cat who only visits in the house. He's also the only one who is any use sleeping on the bed, the others walk around and prowl and want to sleep on my head or some other useless place. Black E. will sleep on feet or anywhere else you put him and stay put and at 28lbs of cat muscle he is a good source of heat.

Breni Sue
01-04-02, 03:38 AM
*Hugs for LeAnn and her family* :(

No snow here yet, but I think it is coming this way. My Mom has several outdoor cats, 2 of which are kittens about 4 months old. They access the underground basement from outside to try and keep warm. But I am very worried about them considering how small they are.

01-04-02, 09:29 PM
It musta sleeted here or something last night...all I know is I woke up and my car was covered with snowflake-shaped ice. All we got's cold, and thanks to that I have to start my car 20 minutes before time to head for work. I'm just glad I don't have to live in my car...I got out there this morning and my windex bottle was frozen solid. Then again, maybe this is a good time to see JUST how cold-resistant my sleeping bag is :D. Yeah there ya go that's my type of extreme sport...sleeping...in cold weather...lol.


P.S. truly sorry to hear about your dog...know the feeling real well.