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01-02-02, 03:35 PM
Father Abby and Christy are still missing but You know where they are and we believe that they are in Your care. I used to think it was just frustrating that we would hear of a siting and find it was confirmed and they had been there for a while but no one said anything until they were gone again but now I think that the "late" calls and reports were a part of Your way of giving their daddy and the rest of us assurance that they are still alive and so I thank You for that. Please continue to be with these little ones and keep them in Your care. Please let them be taught the truth about You and not caught up in falsehood. Please let the faith planted in their little hearts stay strong and keep them strong in Christ. Please let the full truth be known in this situation. Only You know what that truth is but the folks involved must have a pretty good idea please help them to tell all the truth they know and please help the right people to listen.

Father someone knows where those children are today. Please help them to find out about their situation and help them to come home. Please work in Joyce and Kirk and for them to draw them to your love and to salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Please give them courage to do what is right, to make good choices and to walk with Christ. Please protect them too and help them understand You love them. Please be with Danny and keep him growing in Christ. Guide him into truth and faith in Christ. Please be with the other members of the family too on both sides and help them to reach out and to receive Your love. Especially please be with Abby and Christy's older brother and help him, heal him and help him trust in Christ, minister and meet his needs directly You and him in Jesus.

01-03-02, 08:15 PM
:angel: :angel: Father-God, We ask in Jesus Name for healing in this situation. I do not know of the facts of the matter but You do. I ask for a great Holy Spirit search for the girls and that they be returned to good family soon. Father, Pour Dunamis power on this entire situation. Lord Jesus , look closely at this situation and bring it to a close with finding the girls. Agape. Grandpa.

01-05-02, 09:23 AM
Lord we continue to praise and thank You for watching over these dear little girls and keeping them safe. We thank You for hearing our prayers and for using this situation to touch the hearts of those who need You the most. We thank You for the strength You have given those who love them and for the salvation You are bringing to all family and friends who haven't yet made the decision to follow You completely!

Thanks Lord!!!