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12-31-01, 10:22 PM
Hi all!
Thank you each and everyone that has read my prayer requests, and prayed. The request I would like to lay before you now is - As you continue to seek God and ask Him for healing in my life and healing (reconcilliation) in my marriage, please ask our Father to give you scripture to confirm what He is saying. Then could I ask you to please send those scriptures to me so that I can compare the Words that the Lord has given me and will give me.

Thank You!!!

01-01-02, 01:33 PM
Father please lead this child of yours into Your truth, all Your truth and nothing but Your truth. Please don't let him be misled by any "word" even if it's scripture that is not Your message to him today. Please don't let him misinterpert or misunderstand anything that comes from You. Please continue to help him grow in You and keep YOU and not anyone or anything else not even his wife and marriage as his focus and his goal. Please help his wife to do the same, to listen to no voice or guidance except Yours. Please help them to forgive each other and themselves and to have godly counsel about their lives as individuals and as one in You. Please also minister to the other family members involved and help them. Thank You.

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father's child, the reason I am praying that way is because it is a very human tendency to take a scripture and apply it in a way that may not be God's way. It seems to happen most often when our emotions are involved strongly. I could share a couple of real classics that I've done that way, including one I took to mean that I should stop talking with or spending time with the man God intended for my husband. It took a year with a lot of heartaches for God to undo what I did thinking I was obeying Him. I'm NOT saying you are doing that, just asking God not to let anything lead you wrong. God bless you.

01-01-02, 02:13 PM
Father, I stand in agreement. Continue to reach out to these hearts with Your love and truth and shower them with Your Spirit to lead and guide them on the paths You have chosen for them, in Jesus' name.