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12-31-01, 01:21 AM
Just checked the voice mail and found a message from my husband's cousin saying it's an emergency that my husband's uncle is "in trouble" and Charles needs to contact him and go see him as soon as possible. No idea what this is all about and no idea where he is except that he is in metro Atlanta which is a mighty big place. To complicate things Charles has an injured foot and can't walk on it.

Father thank You that You know what's happening with JB and where he is. Please be with him and help him. If you want Charles or us to go find him please help us to find out where he is and how Paula contacted him to find out that he had a need. Father You know all the history on this and why we have some reservations. Please lead and guide us and show us what to do. Please help us get a message to JB and know what and how to do for him according to Your will. Thank You. Thank You too that Charles foot is healed by Jesus stripes. Please help it to be an experiential reality. Please stop the infection and make it go away and whatever the cause of it and of the pain that keeps him from being able to use it. We come against the infection and other problems now in Jesus name and tell them to go and be replaced by health and wholeness. Foot be whole in Jesus name. Thank You Father for taking care of hoim and giving him your wisdom and your peace in all of this.

12-31-01, 01:24 AM
Father, please give direction and guidance in this situation. Metro Atlanta is a rather large place - help them to find this man. Please bring healing to the injured foot. May your name be glorified in this situation. Amen

12-31-01, 02:48 PM
Charles foot is amazingly much better. Red streaks up ankle gone! Swelling gone! It is still red around the nail and end of toe but that will go too in Jesus name. And he can walk on it some. Praise the Lord! We also found out what the trouble is with his uncle and it is a lot less worse than it could be. Not a nothing but not as drastic as they made it sound (there was a call from his mama after his cousin called). And they have a probable address either where he is or where he was till yesterday. We are still in need of God's wisdom and of His grace - a lot of grace - on what to do and what not to do. I'm not sure we are the best ones to deal with this but if that is what God wants He'll make a way and if not please Lord help us say no in a way that doesn't start a family war. Thanks for praying - please don't stop. :)

12-31-01, 05:02 PM
Amen and Amen! Praise Your Mighty Name Lord! And we thank You for having everything under control for Charles' uncle. Bless them with Your strength and guidance as always and minister to EVERY need! in Jesus' name.