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12-30-01, 10:00 PM
I'm gonna be a counselor at my church's youth ski/Bible conference this week (3-5) - I'll have a couple 8th grade girls in my room. I'm a little nervous about being a counselor - just because I so much want to be there for the girls to talk to me, but at the same time being responsible and all that! There are about 140 people going - 30 adults, the rest 7th-12th grade students. The theme is about becoming a disciple of Christ. Any prayers as the spirit leads for this conference would be appreciated!

Father - thank you so much for the oppurtunity you have given me to serve you on this trip. I love to watch youth grow and learn about you - to see them discover how much you love them. Please give me, and the other chaperones, wisdom and unconditional love for all the students. Prepare the speakers heart - let him deliver the message you have for the week. Speak to the heart's of the band members - may they seek to praise you in their music. May their music give glory to you - and draw others into your presence. Prepare the hearts of the students to receive what you will teach them this week. Bless our travels. Be with the bus drivers of the charter buses - I remember one year one of the bus drivers got saved because he watched the youth on the bus!!! That was so awesome - please touch their hearts as well - let our lives point to you wherever we are at - the bus, the hotel, shopping, skiing, eating, wherever! I love you Jesus - amen.

12-31-01, 01:20 PM
Father please minister to Nicole and through her. Please keep this youth group in Your care and help them know that they are representatives of Jesus Christ wherever they go. Help them have fun and also grow deeper in Christ. Father for those who have needs and issues please help hem open up to Nicole or one of the other counselors and please gove these leaders grace and great wisdom to really hear and not shut of what is being sharred even if it is hard to hear. Please minister to these needs and help those who hear know what o do naturally and spiritually to help those You have put in their care. Thank You for a safe, fun, productive, growing trip in Jesus and for changes in the lives of all who go that bring them closer to Your heart in Jesus Christ,

12-31-01, 04:03 PM
Oh yes Lord! Use her mightily and keep her stregthened in Your Word. Bless her with a RUSH of Your Spirit and bring victory to this conference! in Jesus' name.

12-31-01, 09:58 PM
:angel: Father, In these uncertain times that we live in, There is a need for an easy spirit to be able to communicate Your love to people. Fill this precious person with your Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. Give all the peace that passes all understanding. Give this person the words to tell the young people about Your love in a way that they will understand it. Agape. Grandpa.