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12-30-01, 06:37 PM
Uncle John
Please pray for my Uncle. His brother died 3 years ago and it went downhill from there. He started smoking pot and lost his nursing license. His wife divorced him 2 months ago and she got scared. She wronfully accused him so that he would be put in jail. He can't see his 2 kids for 2 years. First some black people took his food (in jail) or they would beat him up. He got moved to a different cell. Then they put covicted murderers in the same cell block and they leave the cells open for thirteen hours a day. These convicted murderers are a Hispanic gang that gets a red tear tattoo painted by their eye after they kill someone. They beat my Uncle John up by putting soap into socks and banging it against his head. They didn't let him use the phone. They said if he told they would kill him. He again got moved to a room with 23 other people. He got moved again to an individual cell. All is well except he is lonely. He has a hearing on Tuesday December4th with a judge, if all goes well , he will get his bond dropped. Then he has to go to the San Antonio court if all the charges are dropped he will be let out. please pray for him and if you have any words of encouragement for him, PLEASE send them to me, and I will send them to him. Please write him. He enjoyed the messages he has gotten so far, and asked to write him again!!!


God is with you.

12-30-01, 09:29 PM
Father please help John and guide him into YOur own perfect truth in Christ. Please help him to goive himself to you through Jesus and be free inside even while he is still in jail on the outside. Please send him the right people to minister to him and show him Jesus love for him. Thank You.

Catscool - How about an update on how your uncle is doing and how the hearings went whenever you feel led to post one. Here is aministry that may interest you for him. We know Randy Grier and know how God reached him and delivered him from life w/out parole. He's a neat brother and probably can help you find Christian contacts who understand jail and prison in your uncle's area. http://www.rgm.org/

12-30-01, 09:46 PM
:angel: Father this is another situation that we know little about. Bless the people involved. Give Holy Spirit Wisdom and understanding to all involved. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all. Agape. Grandpa.

12-31-01, 04:05 PM
Lord be in control and send Your Spirit to minister and guide. Let this be a perfect opportunity for Uncle John to seek Your truth at the foot of the cross! in Jesus' name.