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Lois 2002
12-30-01, 02:02 PM
The one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 10:22 NRSV

We can be assured of this. God, who knows all and sees all, will set all things straight in the end...but we need to do our part.

I hope you are having a blessed Sunday. This morning, pastor preached on the direction of our course. He told us to write down three things we'd like to see happen in the year 2002.

This morning I wrote down....

1) Television job locally. To continue to volunteer my time with the TV Ministry @ church.

2) Get out of debt.

3) Grow in love.

AMEN! God is so good and in order to see our vision complete...we need to meditate in the word day and night. Joshua 1:8. Once we do that...then he'll do his part. Remember...whatever you end up meditating on is what you'll end up doing.

Habakkak 2:2-4 talks about how the Just shall live by our faith. What do you have faith in for this coming year? Do you want to see relationships healed? Do you want to owe no man anything but love? Do you want to strive in your job? Are you looking for promotion? The Just sall live by faith. Put your faith in God...his word always performs what it's sent out to do. Faith is revealed where the will of God is known. The will of God is his word. What does the word say about your situation?

God knows all... God sees all...he'll set all things straight in the end. Why is that? Because God declares the end from the beginning. He's telling us how it'll end up, but we need to hook up. He's declaring healing, freedom, prosperity, success....but we need to hunger for the things of God. Isaiah 46:9-10 AMEN?

Jeremiah 29:11-14 (Old test)
God has nothing but GOOD thoughts about us. Peace and not evil. God doesn't plan trails, storms, destruction. He said they will come...but he isn't the force behind it. God's thoughts are pure, lovely and of a good report ONLY. All of these trails will come, but fear no evil. God is with you always. AMEN!! GLORY!!!

Search for the Lord with all your heart. Make this part of your vision in 2002...the Year of Breakthrough.