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12-29-01, 07:46 PM
Hi All!!!

Firstly Thank you each and everyone that has been praying with me.
Not much has changed in my situation.

Please will you continue to hold my wife and I and our marriage up to the Lord.
I must say that at this stage I am feeling very tired emotionally and spiritually. Most of all I am feeling very doubtfull that God will hear my prayer and bring healing in my life and in our marriage. In fact over the last few days it almost seems as though things are possibly gettig worse rather that better. Today has been six weeks since my wife left to take time out to decide whether she wants to go on with our marriage or not, still she has not made her decission. My hearts desire is that she will be willing to come back and be reconciled, as I am working with a Psychologist to deal with the issues that she had mentioned were causing problems. Not only that, I Love her very much and miss her terribly.
It is so hard for me when I have seen God heal marriages that have been through things like affairs and such like, but it seems as though He does not want to do the same for my wife and I. There has been no affairs in our marriage at all.

I have come from a previous marriage 8 years back where unfortunately when my ex-wife and I were going through a tough time there was a third person involved and my ex-wife left me to be with this man. Needless to say I came before the Lord and asked that He bring our marriage back together, but He did not do so for whatever His reasons were.

With that in my mind as I sit in another situation where I am pleading with the Lord to heal my existing marriage, I just feel as though God does not hear me and that He may allow this marriage to end in divorce. That would really hurt me and cause me to doubt God evenmore, in the area of marriage and His healig power in those situations, that pertain to me. I believe that He has done it for some many other people why will He not do it for me, am I such a bad person that He will not even do a thing to help??

I pooring out my heart because I am aching and all at the same time I am battling to trust, in this matter. Everything I believed that God has shown me from scripture, that I believe He gave me as promises that He will bring us together again, I am now doubting BIG TIME. I am afraid that I have just read things and interpreted things my own way not how God was saying it.

Please pray with me, I do not know what to do I am hurting and needing to see God come through for me in this area. I am weak and falling apart, HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Please ask the Lord to give you scripture confirmation of what He says to you concerning this call for Him to reconcile our marriage. Please will you send these scripture so that I can read them and see if what the Lord has given me is indeed what you are hearing Him say too.



12-29-01, 08:11 PM
:angel: :angel: Father, We ask in Jesus Name for more healing in this family situation. We do not know all of the facts Father, but you do. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to these people. Fill all with your Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Insight and Understanding. Lord Jesus, Bless this situation as only you can. Agape. Grandpa.

12-29-01, 08:32 PM
Lord, help Father's Child to give You complete control in his life. Help him to seek You first in all things and to trust You to provide for every need. It's not Your intention that marriages break up but because You gave us a free will, You can't force anyone into reconciliation. You can lead and guide and minister and try to get our attention but the decisions are ours to make and follow through on. Help Father's Child to understand that. And help him to see that You will do everything You can to turn this around, because he has prayed and believed for Your intervention. Grant him the assurance that that every moment You are speaking to her heart of Your love and strength. Help him to be confident that You are guiding them into Your Word to find out how to come together as one, with You as their foundation and cornerstone. We ask that You speak to their hearts of the possibilities of their relationship and then take them to the foot of the cross to begin again. Help him to understand Lord and grant him Your strength and wisdom to remain steadfast! in Jesus' name.