View Full Version : Reaching out

12-27-17, 06:05 PM
Jesus told us that what we do for the least we do for Him. How do you reach out to people in need personally? How does your church reach out? What about other groups you may be part of?

12-27-17, 06:19 PM
Almsgiving is very important. In fact the Bible says almsgiving is the way to secure your own financial future, even if that seems contradictory at first. But I don't talk much about almsgiving. You start talking about your almsgiving like Bill Gates does, you lose your reward in Heaven.

I sometimes wonder about that. Bill Gates has the capacity to experience all the treasure in the world. Maybe he's realized he's not bothered about a reward in Heaven and he'd rather set an example, which also seems righteous to me. But I don't have a clue if he's a Christian or not.