View Full Version : Buffalo got smoked!

12-28-01, 11:52 PM
Lake Effect Snow! They got a LOT of snow :eek:

12-28-01, 11:55 PM
yeah..I just read an article on that on cnn.com! That is a TON of snow!

They said they couldn't even plow it off to the side - they have to put it in trucks and take it out of town to clear the roads! :eek:

I want some snow! :wah: Silly south!

12-29-01, 01:57 AM
Over 7 feet of snow in 5 days :eek:

Breni Sue
12-29-01, 01:20 PM
I heard about that. That is a heck of a lot of snow. I wanna live in Buffalo so I can stay home from work! :( We only got a few inches here. Oh well.....

*scoops up some snow*

Who wants to help build a snowman?

12-29-01, 01:32 PM
*looks outside at the nice spring day*

sorry - no snow here! but I would help build a snowman if there was any!

Last year - it snowed like a teeny tiny bit really early in the morning - and I knew it would all be gone by noon - so I went outside in my p.j.s at like 7 a.m. just to build an itty bitty snowman! then i moved it to a shadowy spot just so it wouldn't melt! lol :)

Flannel Avenger
12-29-01, 11:12 PM
What, ya'll mean to tell me you don't have to put wheels on your sleds?

Breni Sue
12-30-01, 12:09 AM

12-30-01, 12:10 AM
Forget about the South! At least it's natural for you not to have snow. I live futher north than Buffalo and we don't even have a millimeter. For awhile, it was just raining and raining and raining but it wasn't cold enough to turn to snow. Now it IS cold so if rained it would snow (if that makes any sense) but of course, it's just plain sunny! It's beautiful.....FOR MARCH! Actually, it's been so cold that the frost doesn't melt and it's building up on the sidewalks so that it looks like snow, but it still isn't the same.

Breni Sue
12-30-01, 12:27 AM
Last winter it was so cold for so long that our creek froze over completely for a month! :eek: They actually had ice-skating at a local park's pond for the 1st time in years.

12-30-01, 03:54 PM
Multimom gets up out of her computer chair and goes outside, looking around, walks down to the lake and thinks, "What the heck is snow." Then she remembers, "oh yeah, I live in southeast Texas."

Flannel Avenger
12-30-01, 04:06 PM
I think I'll go play with the wheeled sled and have a pine cone fight with my brother. Then maybe we'll build a hayman.

12-30-01, 06:25 PM
When I live back east, they used to make an outdoor ice rink every winter in the park across the street. There was also a hill there so every weekend pretty much all we did for the whole time was skate and go toboganning. And sometimes when our parents were too busy to take us across to the park, we'd sneak out to the parking lot and go slide down the pile of snow that the snow-clearing trucks always left there. It was especially fun when we had freezing rain on top of the snow, then you could go really fast! :biggrin: *Sigh* Those were the good old days!