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06-27-17, 02:36 AM
I know of a church that doesn't believe in the rapture. Is this a sign that they are preaching false doctrine or is this an accepted belief in evangelical church these days? I've always been taught that Jesus will return so this is weird to me. :beanie:

06-28-17, 07:27 PM
Hello Teresa welcome "home"

The Bible makes it absolutely clear that Jesus will return in Luke 18:8 Jesus Himself tells us He is going to return. 1 Thessalonians 1:10, Matthew 24:27 and a number of other scriptures tell us this too. However rapture as opposed to the Lord's return is a subject on which there are long standing differences of opinion. Rapture normally refers to a secret or semi-secret removal of Christin believers prior to the final return of the Lord Jesus. The word rapture does not appear in any literal translation of the Greek or Hebrew in the Bible and was not a doctrine of the early church. That does not necessarily make it false teaching. It does mean we need to look at the origin of the term and the teaching to understand what is and is not scriptural. The term many claim as the basis of the idea of rapture is apantesis. The word shows up only 2 other times in the Bible. Matthew 25:6 and Acts 28:15. In each of these other 2 instances it is also translated meet and the context implies going to go to greet someone who is coming and going to stay a while much like if your friend is flying into town and you go to the airport to meet her. She comes on home with you rather than your jumping on the plane and gong back where she came from. Believers will most definitely meet the Lord in the air but nothing tells us they are leaving it is equally likely that they are a welcoming party celebrating with Him at His joyful return. One scripture often used to support the idea of a secret catching away of believers is 2 Peter 3:10 where the day of the Lord is said to come like a thief in the night. In the modern western world we think of a thief as sneaking in quietly and trying to be unseen. That is not what a thief was like in Bible times. The thief came suddenly and with minimal warning but was anything but quiet. This thief rode in with shouts and trumpets and a band of shouting followers following hm. The idea was to make as much noise as possible. For that thief this sudden invasion was a way of taking control of the situation and making sure everyone obeyed his wishes. Our emphasis is to be on Jesus and the fact that He is coming as He promised not on the how and when.

I apologize that it has taken so long to answer between messed up computer and messed up happenings. Please forgive me.

06-30-17, 03:15 AM
Thank you Ann! I'm sorry you had computer trouble. I didn't think it took too long at all though. That's such interesting information you gave me. I appreciate you! I should've studied it better before posting. :blush: I think the church is preaching that Jesus already returned. It bothers me extra because the pastors are relatives. I just don't want them to keep going down a wrong road. If they could believe such a thing, I'm concerned about what else.

I haven't posted here in a long time. Thank you for answering! Hugs!