View Full Version : Was King Solomon the first celebrity?

08-29-15, 10:26 PM
I think he was. Anyone want to back me up?

08-31-15, 06:01 AM
mind you, you could also argue that it was either David or Goliath...or even Melchizedek.

08-31-15, 09:06 PM
Yes you could argue any of them. David was the one I thought of first. Since fame is a main characteristic of celebrities I did search for that and find it first in reference to Joshua Joshua 6:27.

09-01-15, 12:23 AM
Solomon was the first that came to mind as, as far as I remember people came from all over the world to see his Wisdom.

09-01-15, 02:47 AM
Yes they did. People from many places also came to see David and the Israelites had parades in his honor and made songs about him "Saul has slain his thousands and David his 10,000's "

I suppose the first and best celebrity is God but I'm sort of uncomfortable "diminishing" Him to the comparison of human celebrities.

09-01-15, 04:54 AM
yeah i was a bit uncomfortable generally calling Biblical people celebrities given what many celebrities are like now...but then judge not.

09-01-15, 01:20 PM

09-13-15, 09:21 PM
I at first thought of David, the a few seconds later the obvious hit me.. MOSES!