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07-21-08, 11:46 PM
How do you know that Jesus loves you? I know this sounds like a dumb question but it's a thought stuck in my head right now.

I really don't know. Sometimes I do but often I forget.

I never went to church until college and then I went to a Christian College. So once there it felt like a warm glove...being around so many believers and I was baptized and sincerely asked God to forgive my sins and to guide me at that time. I questioned my faith for a few years later on, and then came to the conclusion that I really did believe and had evidence in my life that God is there. I really do strugggle with remembering it though...remembering that He loves me.

I want to know: so many Christians tend to disagree on what God wants. Some say He is all loving, others say he has very clear expectations. Both groups and in between would probably argue that God loves us unconditionally. But does He? Does He love us unconditionally?

I have struggled with anxiety and in the past depression...and I know to test my thoughts against truth when I feel this way. Depending on what passage you pull from the Bible...there are many conditions of His love it seems.

So in your personal experience, your walk with Christ, do you feel that you have evidence of His love for you? I know I am probably going to get the word provision in response to this. But, are there other ways you know?

07-22-08, 02:30 AM
Hello ete77 welcome to ilj :)
I know Jesus loves me because His word says so (John 3:16 among other places) and I have learned that His word is a lot surer than my feelings and experiences. Those can be effected by everything from hormones, to weather, to mean people to what I just ate or didn't eat.

I also know Jesus loves me because I am not dead and in hell. I knew His love as a child but just the opposite of you I ran away from Him in college and got involved with things and people that were anything but godly. During that time I tried to kill myself more than a few times -real efforts too that "ought" to have succeeded as well as few not too serious ones, put myself in stuations where other people tried to kill me, ran a car off the road by falling asleep while driving, was in a head on and got one small scratch in my finger. More than once was told there was "no good reason" I was still alive including by doctors. The good reason of course was that Jesus cared and didn't allow me to die in rebellion against Him and go to hell.

I know Jesus loves me because when I couldn't even love myself any more He reached out to me through the drawing of the Holy Spirit, through people who cared that He brought me into contact with when normally our paths would not have crossed, and through His word. I started reading it again to get ammunition to prove to the ppl that they were wrong about Jesus' love. Funny isn't it how He will use even our stubborness?

I know Jesus loves me because each day for the past 40 yrs He has walked with me, taken care of me, comforted me when my heart was breaking, when my body was battered with illness or injury. Things have not always been easy; some have been very hard but when my heart reaches out to Him He's there and when my heart is too hurt or stubborn or stupid He reaches out to me. I have seen miracles in answer to prayer, felt like I was going to sleep with my head in the safety of His shoulder, experienced God speaking to me and through me to help someone else, felt the loneliness of avoiding Him and the joy of His reminding me that I am His.

07-22-08, 02:44 AM
I sense Jesus love towards me. When I got saved it was like God poured hIs love into my heart and I've sensed that love ever since then. God answers my prayers. I don't always get what I want the way I want it but even no is an answer but many times He says Yes too. His word does strongly tell us that He loves us.

God loved us while we were yet sinners. He sent His own Son into the world to give us life and life, more abundantly and Jesus came willingly. It was love that brought Him to the cross and only love could keep Him there. To the extent that there is a condtion it's on our part. We can accept His love and walk in it or we can refuse.

07-22-08, 02:56 AM
Hello again
Something I should have added. Look at the conditions. Are they conditions for God loving you or for your being blessed? Usually it is the later. A parent may love their child always no matter what but any reasonable parent is going to set limits as to what is and is not acceptable behavior. God does too. Bad behavior can lead to consequences and to a break in fellowship even though love is still there.

Jesus died so all can be saved but not everyone is saved. It is a gift and a gift can be accepted or ignored or rejected. Our ministry does a food help program. The food is available to anyone who wants it and asks for it. Some people call and say they are coming and never come. Some complain of needing help but don't show up to get food. They are not forced to take it even tho sometimes I wish we could do that because they really do need it. Salvation is a lot that way too. It is there for anyone but if someone won't take it it doesn't do them any good.

07-22-08, 07:51 AM
I think I get in long periods of trying to do things, handle things myself...and then feel the distance and question. I wish I could consistently pray and consistently be led.

07-22-08, 04:21 PM
This was all good adice and it's giving me something to think about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it!