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03-25-15, 05:31 PM
How effective are you at sharing Jesus? What makes you effective? What would make you more effective?

03-29-15, 09:49 PM
I am fairly good at it if I see an opening, however, I don't share other than to mention how He works in my life unless I believe the other party will be receptive to it. Have guess wrong a few times and been told not interested.

03-30-15, 03:08 PM
I have known people who share salvation easily and naturally and many people respond to this and come to Jesus. I am not one of them and I would really appreciate your prayers for this. I do share some, sometimes there is a response but there is not that free flow that there needs to be and I do not want it to be like demanding that someone get saved and yet if they were in a burning house I would not hesitate to tell them they needed to get out right now.

LeAnnR aka multimom
04-08-15, 01:35 PM
Ann, it has been a very long time since I was here. I hope you remember me. :shy:

04-08-15, 07:05 PM
I remember you well :) How are you and your family?

04-13-15, 02:18 PM
LeAnn did u withdraw your registration or did the system mess up? I approved it but now its gone. Will see if I can find and restore. If I can't pls email me afclfemail@yahoo.

04-13-15, 07:37 PM
Ann just to alert you that's not a full email address. It's probably @yahoo.com

04-14-15, 04:00 PM
understand that and also understand that Leann knows Yahoo but thanks

Bob Carabbio
08-19-16, 10:09 PM
How effective are you at sharing Jesus? What makes you effective? What would make you more effective?

Some years back - early '70s, I asked the Lord how come you never seem to call me into minsterial activities, and the answer I got was:

I asked you to Read my WORD, and study it. YOU HAVEN'T BOTHERED TO DO THAT, so why would I ask you to do anything else???

This came during a study of Jesus and Peter's discourse. Peter had SWORN that he'd DIE FOR JESUS (the rest of 'em did too). But Jesus knew that it was just "hot air", and the Dedication the Peter THOUGHT he had, really wasn't there at all - as was proven when Pete distanced himself from Jesus at the trial, and SWORE that he didn't know Him.

Fast forward to JEsus Question - Peter AGAPE (the Highest form of Love) thou me?? ANd Pete with his illusions pretty much destroyed answer "I Phileo (a Fondness - brotherly love)" you - which isn't the same thing at all. and Jesus tells him to minister to his sheep/people.

And the second time - "Agape Me"?? "I Phileo" you.

Feed my lambs

But the THIRD TIME - "Phileo Me?? - and Peter is broken - "you KNOW MY HEART - Phileo" - I can't do Agape.

Feed my sheep.

The Implication is that Pete WASN'T in the place that he SHOULD have been in, and Ministering to the People was how that would change. And in Peter's epistles we see a rather different Peter when he's old.

IN MY CASE - I was Hip deep in the radio control hobby - ate drank ans slept Model aircraft - and Jesus ask - lovest thou ME more than these, and like Peter I had to answer "Not Really". And I knew that wasn't acceptable.

SO a week later, there was no evidence in my house that I had EVER been into Model Aircraft, and I spent my time reading the Word - and about a month later, I was Baptised in the Holy Spirit at an FGBMFI Dinner meeting (tongues and all), and about a month after that, I was invited to a Bible study among United Church of Christ Ladies, and God let me know that it was MY bible study now, and I let it for the next 3 years - receiving from the Lord, and teaching what HE wanted.

We are, after HIS "SERVANTS", and we ARE to take HIS YOKE upon us, and learn of HIM. His Yoke is EASY - but make no mistake - it's a YOKE that limits your personal freedom - IF you decide that you'd just a soon NOT Walk the way He's walking, then the Yoke can REALLY Chafe badly.