View Full Version : Do you pray for people who have died?

02-23-15, 02:52 PM
Why or why not?

02-23-15, 04:27 PM
There is a passage of scripture that says 'it is appointed unto man once to die after that the judgement".. So praying for someone AFTER they die is a wee bit too late. I do not pray for those who have died. I do however pray for their loved ones.

I do "pray" / "talk to God" about folks that have died. Last year in October, a very dear friend of mine died. Whilst praying I asked God to say hello for me as I believe my friend is with God. I do not "speak" to the dead as I believe King Saul's example is for us today. Don't do it!

02-23-15, 10:58 PM
I do pray for them, it can't hurt, might help.

Bob Carabbio
08-19-16, 10:14 PM
Why or why not?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Death is the point at which "the die is cast', and the "Dear departed" go on unreachably to their eternal state, whether Blessed, or Horrendous. There's no sense in praying for THEM. It's the ones left alive that need Prayer - they still have options. Dead folks Don't.