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Breni Sue
12-27-01, 03:41 AM
Well, besides Jesus, that is! ;)

Who is a person that you greatly admire? Someone who has been there for you during your most troubled times, or has offered some really great advice. Or maybe just by living their own life, has set an example and inspired you?

I guess that person for me would be my late Grandfather, who passed away in the Spring of 1988 from cancer, when I was 15. To me, he was the role model for how all people should behave. He never or rarely swore, and hated it when people would swear around women. He was very strict, but loving and understanding. There was nothing that you could not come and talk with him about. I can remember a time when I was 9 and Mom let me get my ears pierced. My Dad had a fit when I showed him and yelled at me and grounded me. (he was very much against ear-piercing). I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house in tears. He didn't try to take sides, he just listened as I tried telling him what happened. He was never a very affectionate person, but the fact that he was there and didn't criticize me meant the world to me.

He was also well-known around our town. He was an excellent mechanic and could fix just about anybody's car. He was always making light-hearted jokes and was a very happy and funny person. But he was also serious when he needed to be. Everyone respected him, even those that maybe didn't get along with him so well. Even today people will walk up to me now and then and share a story about him, and it always makes me smile.

When we found out he had cancer, they had him the hospital. Even then, he still managed to have a sense of humor and tried to keep everyone around him happy. One evening my Mom took me in to see him (my sister was too young and could not come). He had recently came out of chemotherapy at the time and was too weak to open his eyes, but he knew that I was there. When I walked up to his bed, he grabbed my hand and held it tight the whole time I was with him. I tried very hard not to cry because I knew that was not what he wanted. Even in the weeks before he died, he remembered my sister's birthday and made some joke about her becoming a teenager. He always knew how to make the best out of the worst situations. No matter what, his wish was for his loved ones to be happy.

He died in his own home - which was what he had requested. At the funeral, there were no empty seats, people were out standing in the hallways to pay their respects. It was truly amazing to see all the lives this one man had touched. He was not only an inspiration to his family, but to so many others as well. And to me, he still is.

12-28-01, 11:17 AM
Wow Kyrie, there are so many, but I guess the one person who has made the greatest impact on me was my Daddy. He has loved and served the Lord for nearly 45 years, ever the phlagmatic, nothing causes a huge reaction in him.

He will be 73 in May and still works a 40 hour week as the Associate of Pastoral Care for First Baptist Church Houston.

He never met a stranger, and we always joke that no matter where we stop in Texas, he's going to run into someone he knows. I remember stopping at a Dennys on a trip one time, its been awhile so I don't remember where or why we were going, but my mom and I were waiting on him to ocme out of the men's room. We waited and waited and waited, and when he finally appeared, he had run into a pastor friend and spent the last 15 minutes talking to him in the men's room.

Breni Sue
12-28-01, 11:28 AM
Thank you for sharing LeAnn and Bishop Short. Those are both great stories! :)

Come on guys & gals, I know y'all know at least one person who's been a great inspiration in your life. I love reading this stuff, do not let a perfectly good thread die! I can be very persistent if need be! :biggrin: :smash:

01-01-02, 05:51 AM
that is an excellent question, by the way..

i would have to say that my biggest non-Divinity inspiration is.... my sister. she is only a year and a half older than me, but she is absolutely amazing.. she is a sophomore and is a Biblical studies major with a minor in psychology and she is planning to be a missionary to lukewarm Christians in england.... she got saved a year before me, but she grew like nothing i could ever have imagined; she holds me accountable, ministers to me, and has these amazing insights.. she even shared with me a vision she had and what God told her it meant. the coolest thing lately is that she wrote a paper for her Isaiah class, and her prof told her that she touched on something no one ever had before, and it was so insightful that he was going to use it in his old testament class and that she should research it further.. i was blown away!

and thats my happy little story. she is going to england to study abroad for 4 months, and she leaves thursday. PLEASE pray for her to have a safe 3 flights there.... thanks! :)

01-01-02, 03:00 PM
i'm thinking on this...

if i don't come back to this within the next day or two, please remind me, if you can ;)

01-01-02, 03:42 PM
JESUS He's always there for me. In a very practical way

01-01-02, 03:50 PM
John and Sarah Stanley who were teachers at Pinecrest and ministered at the church I went to in Connecticut and at Pinecrest Retreat at Setauket NY (right across the sound from Bridgeport Vinnie). They really played a big part in helping me see and understand God. Sarah especially was an inspiriation, I knew a bit of the pain she lived through and how she had overcome in Christ and I learned from watching her life as well as from what she taught and shared. They had a gift of helping you see what you could be in Christ and encouraging you to let Him be all He is in You. We lost track of them over the years and I wish we hadn't. I tried to find them - if either is still on earth when we 1st got the net but have not succeeded.

Colin and Barbara Howell 2 other people I wish I knew whre to find now were strong teachers and helped shape my life and ministry as did Vince and Debbie Howard whom thankfully I can find.

Breni Sue
03-06-02, 01:08 AM

03-06-02, 11:06 PM
I've got something neat to share with you.
This thread and something else that happened on ilj led me to try again to find the Stanleys who were so much inspiration to me. It had been more than 20 yrs and I was not at all sure they were still alive even. Did a web search - again - something I and others have done many times over the years but this time I turned up an answer! Someone had mentioned them on their site. Emailed them and they emailed back with an email for the fellowship group they are now with and an email there got a response directly from them. This gave me the chance to tell them how much they meant to me and maybe for us to go see them sometime late this year.

Double extra thanks Bren for this thread and for the "bump" that reminded me to share this with you. :)

Breni Sue
03-07-02, 07:23 AM
Wow, what an amazing story, Ann! I knew there was something out there begging me to bump this thing up *coughcoughGodcoughcough* :D Thanks for sharing!

03-07-02, 07:27 AM
awesome :D