View Full Version : How do you share Jesus?

10-30-14, 02:14 PM
What works for you? Do you have a set pattern or follow what you believe to be the Holy Spirit leading at the time? Do you emphasize sinfulness and need or God's love or what?

10-31-14, 12:47 AM
I say what He has done for me.

10-31-14, 08:59 AM
good question, wonder about the same thing

10-31-14, 12:35 PM
I know different ppl do this in different ways what works for you, Jan?

I want to be as "contagious" as possible. I know it is the Holy Spirit that does the work I want to cooperate and to be very aware of His prompting. For me one set "formula" does not work mostly tho pretty close to Romans 3:23 & 6:23 + John 3:16.

I have seem so many help ministries that pretty much demanded that people "get saved" to get any help and I think I go to far the other way of not bringing it up routinely. Please pray for me on this.

10-31-14, 11:00 PM
I've had seasons of witnessing verbally. Life witnessing is a little more challenging because I have to believe that He is working. It's hardere at work because it generally does not come up. One lady who had a lot of work said something like "help me baby Jesus". I said Jesus is not a baby right now. Just like we celebrate birthdays but we don't think of the people as babies now. We celebrate Jesus' birth since he came to us as a baby.

11-02-14, 04:57 PM
For me I post a prayer daily and a chapter from the Word every day, on Face Book, as well as praying for anyone in need.

If the question arises in regards to face and practice I am always ready to give an answer or at the very least encourage further exploration into the faith and practice of a follower of Christ.

I also have many sending me prayer requests, which I always answer and often share with prayer warriors.

11-02-14, 07:12 PM
I hope this will encourage someone. 1996 and 7 I worked with a lady who was not saved though her husband and one of her daughters were. She was pretty far into things that were "spiritual" but not at all Christian, had done a lot of stuff in her life and was suffering the results. We talked, I shared Jesus she said that was what her daughter and her husband's family believed but she did not. After I stopped working there I did not have much of any contact with her till recently in Facebook. She is quite ill and have been praying for her. Today she told me that she has asked Jesus into her heart!!!. IT may take a lot of seed a lot of watering by many people a long germination time but God's word does not return to Him void. I am so thankful.

11-02-14, 11:42 PM
I try to do it on Facebook or Twitter. As well as rather do it with actions rather than words. Like volunteering or with chores. Actions do speak louder than words.

11-22-14, 02:55 PM
When you send out birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Resurrection Day cards, include Salvation tracts. I'm homebound more or less and when I send tracts to people who reach that reach out to the lost, that gives them another way of reaching the lost.

02-26-15, 01:23 PM
I also talk to little ones about the behavior Jesus would like in them. I tell them being kind , respecting your elders is a blessing to Jesus. The Bible tells us a seed planted will not return void. And Only Jess knows how that seed will blossom.

02-26-15, 02:20 PM