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10-16-14, 11:32 PM
Do you believe in miracles? Have you seen miracles, what happened?

10-20-14, 02:39 AM
The miracle was God's intervention when due to cholesterol build-up in my Right Coronary Artery my heart suddenly stopped and I had previously installed an AED 40 feet away from where I collapsed, a nurse was in the building in the room next door and an ambulance was passing by on the highway at exactly the moment the 911 call went out. In total I was shocked into rhythm 14 times, spent 8 days in the hospital and was back to work in 6 weeks after a stent was put in by angioplasty. God's grace!

10-20-14, 12:14 PM
Grace and timing. Wow. Thank You Lord

10-20-14, 10:25 PM
The biggest ones that stood out happened in Germany. We were driving in a small town where people likely did not speak English, and we were lost. A white car came seemingly out of nowhere, spoke English and was able to help us where we needed it(the car). He disappeared as suddenly as he appeared.

Another time we were visiting my family say in the 1980's and we knew our head lights were not working. Well just as a police car followed us, a red car speeded past and the car then followed the red car and our headlights came on just at that time!

10-20-14, 10:26 PM
that is incredible, guest!

10-23-14, 04:46 PM
God is caring for us every day, isn't He Jan :)

10-23-14, 05:05 PM
I believe in miracles first because the Bible tells us they happen and tells us about many of them and second because I have been raised from the dead naturally and spiritually. Spiritually when I was saved. Without salvation we are all eternally dead. Naturally twice. When I was a child I was given penicillin and according to the doctor I died because I am allergic to that drug. I do not remember thi9s because I was too small but my grandparents told me about it and the doctor also told it to me. "don't ever take penicillin because the last time you had it you died." Then in December, 2003 another doctor had changed my medicine that I took all the time to a new medicine I had never taken. I felt "funny" but did not think that much about it except that maybe I had better not take the full dose so I only took half what was prescribed. My wife found me unresponsive and barely breathing. The ambulance crew were not very helpful from what she said until in came a fire dept. first responder who knew us because our ministry had helped his children after they had had a fire. My wife said attitudes and actions improved very fast. But on the way to the hospital I died. Obviously I did not stay dead. In fact a lot of ilj folks were praying for me after I was on life support. Someone from our ministry board came to the hospital to pray with me and at first the doctors would not let her or my wife back where I was till they were told the name of the person who wanted to come back there. Then the doctor said OK but he can not hear you or respond in any way, Besides the med reaction I was medically in a coma he said and medically paralyzed. The doctor said that if by some chance I lived I would be months in the hospital and years in rehab and still not really functional. She took my hand to pray and said squeeze my hand as hard as you can, I did. Hard enough so her hand was black and blue for a week. To shorten the story I was out of ICU the next morning and the next morning after that that same doctor walked into my room all smiles and said "see, you see what God did. He did it all. You go home today."

10-23-14, 05:32 PM
God prepares things. Not only did Chris Mote the first responder show up at exactly the right moment but a year or so before we had stopped to eat at a place we almost never went and someone there told us about Chris' sons situation because the older son worked there part time. If we had not stopped there that night we would not have known the need to help and Chris would not have known us. The ambulance people did not ask for Charles ID so officially he would have been classed as a john doe with a drug reaction till I got to the hospital with his license and his medicine bottles and that hospital did not put a lot of effort into those cases, but Chris was there and identified him and he had medical records at that hospital. That hospital. The ambulance had headed for the other better equipped hospital till they lost him and could not revive him in the ambulance and changed to closest possible hospital. 3-4 years earlier the same board member who came to the hospital and prayed with Charles had asked us to write a letter supporting a request by a doctor who had recently taken specialized training and residency at a top medical school to be able to stay in the US and practice medicine rather than return to his home country and apply for a work visa because there were few doctors in the Gainesville area that spoke the languages he did and no one who had that specialty who spoke those languages. The petition was granted. That doctor "happened" to be in the ER when Charles was brought in tho he was not a hospitalist or emergency medicine specialist. It was his specialized skills that God used to help Charles. He allowed our board member to come back and pray with Charles contrary to usual policy because he knew that the board member was the one who had done his petitions to remain in the US. All those years earlier God had started the events that allowed that very doctor with those very skills ti be there when we needed him.

A postscript about 1L10 AM Charles and I were praying in his ICU cubicle. we felt that Jesus came into the room; we did not see him but to this day I could show you the exact place in the wall we knew he entered. Charles started breathing around the respirator no longer needing it at all. Later that morning I net a woman whose 87 year old mom was "dying" in the next cubicle and not saved despite her daughter's best efforts. The mother was unconscious and nit expected to wake up. Just before 1:10 she sat up looked at her daughter and said clearly I choose Jesus as my Savior." She was out of ICU before 9 that morning and went home well the next day.