View Full Version : VICTORIA GOT HIT!

12-26-01, 09:30 PM
Tonight after a small agrument over the fact that the phone line was messed up Victoria's dad hit her in the shoulder. After I heard about it I was enraged but I prayed and called the police department to ask questions about the situation. Simply if there's a bruise left behind because of it, tomorrow her dad is getting locked up and she's leaving that house. We're praying that it's God way out. I hope and pray that it is. Ask God that in the morning there's a bruise so we can go to the polic station and report it. Also ask that the police will understand and believe the story instead of thinking it's some kid trying to get out of her house. Her dad had no reason to hit her and did not apologize. I'm really praying that this will be the final straw and that God delivers Victoria from this suffering she's in.

12-27-01, 02:25 PM
Father take complete control over the turmoil and confusion in this precious child's life. Get her to safety! Keep her where she can be cared for in love and understanding. Help her Lord and let her know that You are RIGHT THERE with her every moment. Grant her Your strength to come through this trial in Your Victory! in Jesus' name.

12-27-01, 07:33 PM
:angel: Father, as all of us know, We do not know what is going on here, but You do Father. We all ask in Jesus Name for the Peace that passes all understanding in this situation, and that Your will be done. Lord Jesus look kindly on this entire family thing and bring Peace and comfort to all. Agape. Grandpa.