View Full Version : Interview with Jesus...a MUST SEE!

Lois 2002
12-26-01, 11:12 AM

Please check out this link. It's awesome!! My friend just sent it to me. :D

It's a flash movie so I hope you can view that on your computers.

God is good and he is good all the time. :D I'd love to hear your feedback.

12-26-01, 02:49 PM
Thanks so much for this site. I think it was what I needed right now, even though i've got God, right here.

Lois 2002
12-26-01, 03:29 PM
I said to myself if I wasn't already saved...I would have said the salvation prayer. It was so moving.

We can never get enough of how awesome and wonderful God is. NOTHING is impossible with Him and His love is unlike anything we've ever experienced.

I had tears of joy flowing. He wants us to come to Him as a little baby. How sweet was it to see the babies hand reaching out and then the seeing the Lord's hand. There is comfort in that. :D

Breni Sue
12-27-01, 02:37 AM
That was amazing, Lois! Very uplifting! :)

There used to be one similar to that, it was something like "A Father's Love Letter", and it quoted various verses & read like an actual letter from God to His children. It was cool! :2cool: