View Full Version : Eric Is Missing! Please Pray

12-24-01, 01:25 PM
Just found out this AM that Reverend Eric Washington whose wife worked w/ us at Caring Hands for a short while left home in Helen GA Wens AM for work at a construction job tearing down a bridge in Haysville NC and has not come back or called. His wife was on bed rest due to back problem and he came and prayed with her before he left so it does not seem that this would be a deliberate thing on his part. Police there have no record of wreck and hosps between here and there no admission by that name or without a name. The mountain roads are dangerous and wrecks are sometimes not found for months or longer. It is supposed to get brutally cold tonight. So we need God's help very very much.

Father, we don't know where Eric is or what happened but You do. Please help him. If he is still alive please send someone to him right away. Show them where he is and how to help him, please! Please do not let him be trapped in the car somewhere and hurting. Send him help. And wherever he is if he can reach a phone please let him call his wife or his sister right away. If he was killed please let someone quickly find the car and his body so at least his family will know. Please be with Joyce Marie and comfort and strengthen her. Please supply her needs and give her wisdom in every decision. Help her know whether to stay at the house alone in case he calls or try to get to her mothers to be with people who love her. Only You can solve this one Father but You. Thank You that You can and that You care.

12-24-01, 09:15 PM
:wah: Father-God: We know that you know all: We ask in Jesus Name that Pastor Eric will turn up soon. Grant that someone will find him and that he is safe. Give Holy Spirit Wisdom to all involved in the search. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to the family and friends. Lord Jesus come near and find this person safe and sound. Agape. Grandpa.

Breni Sue
12-25-01, 03:20 AM
Amen, Father! I pray that You bring this man home safely to his family! In the meantime, provide them with comfort and strength to face whatever the outcome may be! In Christ's name.

12-30-01, 10:22 PM
We know that he "probably" was at work Wensday and got paid because his check was not sent back to the home office in TN. Yet neither his foreman nor anyone from the Haysville NC job site has responded to the messages we've left despite the fact that they were scheduled to work 12/24 (the day I left a message) and 12/26 and thereafter. This seems realy strange to me that no one would even call Joyce or us. The hospitals between here and there have no record nor do the police. Joyce says he was in the habit of calling home midday and did not Wens. Most of us who are praying feel he is still alive (of course that may be hope and not revelation). But we would very much appreciate yopur continued prayers. Thank you.

Father I know You know where Eric is and what has happened. If he is still alive please put him into contact or lead him to someone who knows him or knows about him and will recognize him even if he doesn't know or recognize himself. If he needs rescuing please send the rescuers quickly and help them be led right to where he is. If he is not alive please let that be known for sure so Joyce Marie can have a sense of closure and please let her know as much as You know she needs to know about what happened. Please continue to uphold Joyce and keep her in Your strength and grace and peace. Please met her needs for food and rent and all the basic things of life and for Christian support and fellowship as well. Thank You for taking care of both of them and for Your love and grace.

12-31-01, 05:07 PM
Oh Father! Turn what looks so hopeless into a blessed, victorious situation! Only You can bring this to a conclusion positively. We turn this entire family over to Your loving care and attention. Continue to hold them in Your loving arms and bring them back together again! in Jesus' name.