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12-23-01, 09:46 PM
Kyrie posted in her compassion thread something about being on Web TV and it being not noted for speed. Like as compared to what DSL, 56K or ???? and what are its other good and bad points? I'm asking because we pretty much have to find something portable and usable when traveling and that was one possibility suggested. Of course my #1 choice is a new top speed full bells and whistles lap top that will also work in the van but that may not be a possibility right now. But then again God could bless us with a great bargain. Kyrie and anyone else who knows about how it works and if it is a reasonable back up and travel possibility or if I should hold off until the laptop or notebook happens please share your 2 or 10 cents worth. Thanks.

Breni Sue
12-23-01, 11:21 PM
Hey Ann! :)

Actually, WebTV is not really all that bad in a pinch. We ourselves used to have one before we got our computer. They are a lot cheaper and simpler to maintian. They are also good for browsing the internet and for email. They have a remote mail feature that will allow you to check mail from other accounts. They also allow you to hook up a printer and scanner.

But, as I said, they are a bit slower than computers, it seems. The one we had & the one my parents have takes a little longer to get to pages. Sometimes if a page is too long it will read "This page is too big to be shown completely". I had to adjust my posts settings earlier today from 30 to 20 because it happened to me a lot, especially on the pages with lengthy posts. They do not have a lot of memory, which is one of the reasons why they are slower than computers. (although I supose our having a 26k connection in this area does not help either! :eek: ) Also, you cannot open multiple windows, which can be a pain if you are like me & like to view several pages at once. There is no mouse, just an "up or down" key and "scroll" key. You have keep moving the key either up or down, and the buttons on the page will light up when you are over a link. (this is also why I was so slow at replying today! :) )

As for files, you can only view certain ones. GIF & JPG's are about the only image files you can view. No Java or Flash. You can listen to WAV and MIDI audio files, but not MP3's, Real Player or anything like that. You can't download files either. However, if you have a web site that you can upload files to, they have a site that can "transload" files into your account. But it costs so much per month, I believe.

If you like having disc space, they have a WebTV Plus out now that has some downloading capabilites. You can freeze pictures off a camcorder and upload them to the WebTV unit. Depending on how well your camcorder works, it is actually a pretty neat feature. I really don't know a whole about those though as far as how much they can downlaod and what.

Overall, if you are looking for a substitute or something cheap and portable in your case, or just want to browse the net and are not too concerned with all the fancy gadgets, then a WebTV would be a good choice. I would recommend it for you! :)

Lois 2002
12-26-01, 09:21 AM
Hello everyone...Merry Christmas. I'm new to this board...but I hope not to be a stranger. :D

I started out with Web TV Plus and I traveled with it everywhere. It was easy to take with me and easy to hook up to any television set. I've been on a lap top for two years now (God's favor was ALL over that purchase) and I'm looking to sell my Webtv plus. They are running at $299.00...but I'm selling it less than that.

I agreed with what the other poster mentioned above. All of those things are true...but if you are just looking to keep in touch with the internet world and not looking to do anything fancy or wanting or needed all kinds of downloads...webtv is for you. :)

I wish you well with your decision. :D


12-26-01, 10:36 PM
I'm on a laptop now. Cool thing is it can go anywhere with you :)

Breni Sue
12-28-01, 11:20 AM
Something else that just occured to me (I am on WebTV today because our server went down last night!) - when you post a reply, it will not automatically take you back to the thread. A box will pop up saying something like "could not find the requested page" when you go to be redirected. Just click on the link on the redirect page and it will take you there. :)

12-28-01, 10:28 PM
Thanks guys
I'm still praying for a laptop so I can use it in the van and do things other than web but definately need something portable and the web TV thing may be an answer. What is the deal in most places about getting "on" with it. Is there one main subscription source or different ones. Is it something that you have to keep up constantly and of course is there any free source for it? I appreciate all your help. I know I can research it all but it helps a lot to learn from someone who has actually used it.

12-28-01, 11:28 PM
I wanted net service for my lap top where I don't need a phone line but it cost too much for me right now. Well, it did the last time I searched for it. Also, I think I needed to like buy a satelite dish or something :eek: I think it only worked at home too but I'm not sure.

Anyone know about some digital laptop internet service or anything?

Breni Sue
12-29-01, 01:11 PM
Ann, You can call WebTV and hook up with them directly, which I believe is 19.95 per month if you have a local access number. Or if you are like me and do not have a local access number, you can call around some regular internet providers in your area and see if they support WebTV. Most of them do. If so, then you pay the internet provider their fee plus 9.95 per month to WebTV. Some internet providers may even offer a special discount to those with WebTV. I believe Microsoft does since they are a manufacturer, but I am not positive.

Aha, I found it! Here is a link that will hopefully help you out a little bit:


I guess they go by MsnTV now, but it is the same thing. :)