View Full Version : i am very happy....

12-23-01, 04:17 AM
... to see this forum. it gives me warm fuzzies. thanks for that. :biggrin: :love:

12-23-01, 04:30 AM
Yeah, this place will be jamming soon too!

No :argue: and lots of :love:

Breni Sue
12-23-01, 09:25 AM
Yep, that is the best part! :) (Not that I do not like debate, mind you! But everyone needs a break now and then!)

I have a ton of excellent topics in mind. But right now I must be preparing to go to church! ;)

12-23-01, 09:50 AM
yay...a forum to spread the :love:


12-23-01, 01:48 PM
Trust me, I have no problem with debating I really enjoy the CL&D. I think we have a cool group over there ;)

12-23-01, 08:03 PM
In the chaos, there's a comfort a harbor safe and warm.

Kudos to those who set up the forum and welcome to those who post here.

12-24-01, 02:14 AM
wow. i JUST now noticed this forum.

haha, where have i been?! ;)

nice to see this forum. rock on i say. wooooo!

12-24-01, 03:08 AM
The Tyrant went into the control panel and created this :D

Twas a group decision thogh. Thanks mods ;)

Breni Sue
12-24-01, 03:58 AM
Toodles and Nampula, I have noticed you 2 a lot in the Teen and College forums. I hope to see more of you guys in here! :)

12-24-01, 04:35 AM
wow, thanks for the warm welcome.. man i love this forum! :) :) :)

12-24-01, 09:14 AM
Good job Kyrie. As a mod in here (well, very soon to be) its yor job to keep the place busy. All good mods keep their boards busy!


And Laury is cra-z! :eek: Ya sure you want her in here :umm:



Breni Sue
12-24-01, 03:55 PM
Why sure, I like crazy folk! They add spice! :biggrin:

And do not worry, LeAnn and I will make sure Jason helps keep this place hopping. Even if we have to hunt him down! :stinkeye: ;)

12-24-01, 04:43 PM
It happened! I've had company over the weekend, so I haven't been on for awhile and I was very happy to see this new forum!


12-24-01, 04:46 PM

Flannel Avenger
12-24-01, 09:13 PM

Breni Sue
12-25-01, 01:03 AM

Hey, Honalee! Glad you can finally join us! :)

BTW, I merged this thread with Nampula's, since they both are basically about the same thing! ;)

Flannel Avenger
12-25-01, 02:38 PM
Originally posted by ilgwamh
All good mods keep their boards busy!

Nobody keeps this place busier than I do! And there's no use in denying it, I'll just dredge up all the times you accuse me of posting too much!

Breni Sue
12-25-01, 07:42 PM
But it takes more than just a high post count get promoted around here. :)

And speaking of promotions, Vinnie, when do we get our Christmas present? :biggrin:

12-25-01, 09:15 PM
Yes, Laury is crazy but we love her just the same! Oh and Vinnie, the Music Forum is busier than the Book forum.....oh wait, I mod that forum too....:blush:

Lois 2002
12-26-01, 11:56 AM
I love to talk about the Lord. I love to give word to people who are needing and looking to be guided. If someone has a question and wants to know or understand why I believe a certain way I'd like to enlightening them...but Jesus is love. Jesus is peace and joy and I like to keep my posts filled with those type of words. I too have a message board and we are all about listening and helping each other.

Marie has a whole different testimony of her own. I will send her this link and hope she'd come check this board out. (She doesn't have much time on line since she's a working single mom with two "active" kids. :/

Anyway...to give part of her Christmas story...when we went over to her dad's house..she hadn't seen him in two years. He left Marie and her family when she was 8 and hasn't had much communications with her since. The last two years of her life have been a whirlwind since her marriage of 12 years suddenly came to an end. Her dad expected a basket case. He expected his daughter to have her hand out looking for cash and singing the blues on how hard it is to be a single mother. Marie had done things in the past very similar to that so he kinda expected that. It is tough to be single after 12 years of marriage. It's tough being single when you are 33 years old with two kids. God is so good and he's been meeting all of her needs. God is holding her hand and healing her broken heart. Amen? God is so good and her dad saw something in her that he never saw before...can you guess what that was??? Strength. What he doesn't know is it's not "just" strength but JESUS. The joy of the Lord is Marie's strength. Amen! Glory!!

Before we left his house...he told her how proud he was of her. We even saw him cry. Marie never saw any human emotion come from him before. I told her...PRAYER WORKS. God answers the prayers of His Children. They were so depressed before we got there. They decided NOT to decorate for Christmas or even celebrate it. They told Marie they were going to order pizza...but something changed. They went out and bought all kinds of finger foods and JOY started to fill their home. It was awesome to see. When we were leaving...her dad who never talked with me the other two times I met him came to me and gave me a hung and said I was part of the family!! I was shocked. Not even Marie's mother and step dad had ever said that to me and I've been in their company on and off for years.

On Christmas day her dad called her cell phone and he said he was sorry for the past 25 years. GLORY!!! How awesome is that??? He now wants a relationship with his daughter and Marie told her dad that she'd like that. I'm now looking forward to seeing this relationship grow. AMEN! God is so good!!!!!!!! He was amazed by her strength and didn't recognize her as the depressed woman she had been for years. Depression is a spirit and she finally defeated it. We are now hoping and believeing that Marie's dad will want to know more about this son of God. Jesus is the only way through to the Heavenly Father. And I pray that we'll have time again to ministry to him. :D

Marie's dad has finally realized the damage he's done to his family. He has two daughters and you already know Marie's story. Her sister and mother on the other hand said it's TOO LATE. What they don't realize is...they need to forgive and forget like Jesus and live in the here and now. I'm just so happy that Marie will continue to develop a relationship with him even when the rest of her family refuses. God is in the healing biz....He's healing ALL of Marie's heart. Love is being poured in. Whatever you sow is what you are going to reap and Marie sows a lot of love into me, her kids, co-workers and her family...now it's time for her to reap the harvest.

God's love fixed a problem in my relationship with my best friends family. I've seen His love move in all of her family members. But I'm more happy for the healing between Marie and her dad. To me...this is one of the best Christmas' ever. :D

God is good and he is good all the time. :D

Thanks for this board and thanks for reading my thoughts and opinions. :D

12-26-01, 11:43 PM

Oh yeah...


Breni Sue
12-27-01, 03:43 AM
So glad you had such a nice Christmas, Lois! I hope that Marie decides to join us, tell her we would love to have her! :)

12-28-01, 01:44 AM
Originally posted by butterfly
Yes, Laury is crazy but we love her just the same! Oh and Vinnie, the Music Forum is busier than the Book forum.....oh wait, I mod that forum too....:blush:

You forget that there was no 230 post nonsense thread in the book forum :D

12-28-01, 01:45 AM
Plus I don't see a listing of all the bands and concerts reviewed/discussed in the music forum ;)

Flannel Avenger
12-28-01, 02:10 AM
I do not see Butterfly's name as modding the music forum.

12-28-01, 10:42 AM

12-28-01, 07:14 PM
Very true Vinnie, very true, or troo as Jason might say. Actually, I just noticed that although the music forum has more posts, we have more threads. LOL, not that I really care. ;)
Flannel, what are you blabbing on about? I DON'T mod the music forum, so why would my name be listed? :what:

12-29-01, 12:26 AM
No one, not even him, can understand the babble that he thinks he means. Why should we speak to him face to face until he has a face?

That was a "Till We Have Faces" adaption :)

Flannel Avenger
12-29-01, 11:33 PM
Originally posted by butterfly
Yes, Laury is crazy but we love her just the same! Oh and Vinnie, the Music Forum is busier than the Book forum.....oh wait, I mod that forum too....:blush:

It seems here that Butterfly is claiming to mod the music forum as well as the book forum. Methinks the moderators are trying to play with my mind.

12-30-01, 12:01 AM
No, she meant that along with me she mods that forum :p

Flannel Avenger
12-30-01, 12:04 AM

Flannel Avenger
07-31-08, 12:14 AM
*cough cough*

Oh my, it's dusty in here...

07-31-08, 02:39 PM
wow, thanks for the warm welcome.. man i love this forum! :) :) :)

Welcome Nampula! I am a Republican, shop at Amazon, and enjoy Steven Curtis Chapman:).

07-31-08, 11:06 PM
Namula is not a newbie but a long time member who grew from ateen to an adult here but hasn't been around in a while. This is a very very old thread as mght be expected when dealing with tattered flannel :D

Flannel Avenger
07-31-08, 11:09 PM
Silly Songs usually come next after ressurecting old threads. It's been so long since I've played with the Silly Songs that there are several that have never graced these boards. I'm debating whether I want to go with "Lance the Turtle" "Monkey" or "Pizza Angel"... :angel: