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12-23-01, 12:36 AM
How do you teach your children and grandchildren the blessing of sharing? Is it something just for Christmas like getting a toy for a needy child, or is it something that is part of your family's way of life? Why or why not? And how do you see this sort of thing in terms of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus? A lot of questions but something I'd really like to see other people's opinions and practices about. Please share yours.

12-23-01, 01:15 PM
I don't have no children or grandchildren. Not that I know of anyways. That was a joke and your supposed to be laughing now ;)

I think this is a good topic. So c'mon moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents! What do you do? Where is Leann, she has lots of kids. She should know :)

12-23-01, 01:25 PM
I don't have kids either - but I'm trying to remember what my parents did when my brothers and I were younger.

One thing that I think made a big difference, was that my parents would sometimes buy something for one of us - and not the others. Sometimes I see parents that think just because they bought one kid something, they have to give the other kid something too. If my parents saw a toy that my brother would like - they didn't feel compelled to get me something too. Instead, we would all just share our toys. We knew there wasn't favortism or anything - we just shared our stuff.

When other kids came over to play with us - we knew that they would get first choice on what toys they would play with. (there was the one time I hid my doll - because I didn't anyone else else to play with her..but - that didn't happen often! :) )

I think more than simply teaching us to "share" specifically - we were just taught to not be selfish. My parents tried to teach us to look for other's needs and stuff - and not be so consumed by ourself. - then the idea of sharing comes out of that!

12-23-01, 07:24 PM
Where's LeAnn, she has lots of kids

Yes I do have a lot of kids. As a general rule, sharing is enforced around here. Sometimes much to the dismay of our brood. However, when the shoe is on the other foot and someone is left out, they understand what it means to be considered.

They understand and are much more compassionate with the 2 youngest that they are with the others.

My three girls are pretty self centered, but I don't let them get away with it. But they are more than willing to share with others. We often give away toys before replacing them with new ones. And we always donate to toys for tots. We buy and give food to our local food bank and we make sure that we are considerate of our friends who won't have as much as we do.

We have baked cookies for elderly neighbors and have often sneeked up on the porches of friends who would have to do without and made sure they didn't have to do without for at least that one day.

There are a million ways we try to teach that to give is better than to receive.

12-27-01, 05:24 PM
I am single but have legal custody of a 9 year old. (He is severely ADHD.) This year he was with me for Christmas. His mom couldn't have him until the 26th. We did the whole thing. Baking cookies. Decorating the tree. Singing songs. Opening a gift a day for 12 days. He had such a wonderful time. On Christmas Eve his mom called and told him that if it was okay with me she would just come and get him early. Legally she can't do this. She just wanted to stir up some trouble. I finally got him over this mini-disaster when he said since he had been so bad this year he wouldn't get anything for Christmas. He decided not to go to bed. It was almost 1:00 before he was asleep. He thinks it is his fault that his mom abandoned him. He blames himself for all her problems. (But that is a different story.)
On Christmas morning there were lots of presents under the tree. He was so excited. He loved everything. We live next door to my parents and he had to have all my family come in and see his gifts. He was having a great time at my parents house also. We were all opening gifts. Then the phone rang and it was his mom. He was so exciting telling her everything Santa brought. She told him if he had been better he would have gotten even more. Then she told him if it was okay with me she would come get him. Of course, I'm placed as the bad guy when I say no. He went outside and played his gameboy in the cold for a long time and wouldn't talk to anyone. When he finally got over this spell we had a much better day. In fact, when we got ready to eat dinner, he asked if he could pray. He prayed the most beautiful child's prayer.
The problem is that he is so ungrateful for all that he has in life because his mom tells him he should always ask for more.
Any help on how to teach him how the Lord gives us what we need?
Any input would be great.