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12-15-01, 05:24 PM
peaceful day, peaceful lake
Frank is drowning in my wake
Mary Jo just hit the prop
I don't have the time to stop

riding in my boat

hidee ho, land ahoy
I almost missed that group of boys
but I ran 'em over, I smashed 'em good
Guess I'll head to land and get some food

When I am in my boat I'm always having fun

Compared to other boats my boat is number one

if you arre really nice and ask me with a please
Maybe someday I'll let you come and boat with me.

- now that is a great song. you have to hear it with the music, though.

01-11-02, 12:19 AM
*bump *

okay, here's another:

Am i at the point of no improvement?
What of death i still dwell in?
i try to excel, but i feel no movement.
Can i be free of this unreleasable sin?
Never underestimate my Jesus.
You're telling me that there's no hope, i'm telling you, you're wrong.
Never underestimate my Jesus.
When the world around you crumbles, He will be strong. He will be strong.
i throw up my hands . "Oh, the impossibilities."
Frustrated and tired, where do i go from here?
now i'm searching for the confidence i've lost so willingly. Overcoming these obstacles is overcoming my fears.
I think i can't, i think i can't. But i think You can, i think You can.
I think i can't, i think i can't. But, i think You can, i think You can Gather my insufficiencies and place them in your hands. Place them in Your hands. Place them in Your hands.

01-11-02, 02:52 AM
Sounds like the little engine that could. Boats, trains; now for planes and automobiles.

01-11-02, 08:27 AM
hmm... good idea...:D